Friday, December 10, 2010

Valle del Oro Country Store

Today was our first Country Store here at Valle del Oro.  Country Store is a swap meet that is held here every week on Thursday morning.  It starts at 9 AM and goes to 1 PM.  We had a country store at Mesa Spirit in previous years on Friday morning, and I am sure that some of the participants are the same vendors.

The difference here is that the vendors inside are only about a third of the overall setup.  You can tell it is a lot bigger deal as you approach.  I parked the scooter about a block away, as that was all the closer I could get to the main dance hall.  There were 25 vendors set up outside along the sides of the parking area.  It was cordoned off with orange parking cones.  The vendors had the square dining fly type of roofs over their booths.  Wares were on display in every type of merchandise.  Mostly it is stuff for the gals, but I managed to find a claw hammer that I bought for under three bucks.

After going thru the inside display tables, I was surprised to find that it spilled out around the pool area in the center of the buildings as well.  There were atleast another 40 tables out there.

They also started serving lunch at 11 with a full menu of lunch items.  Special today was hot beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy over it all.  They also had all the hot dogs you could eat 1/4 lb regular or chili, and chili cheese coney islands.

I found hot popcorn in a machine next to the pool.  The soup was broccoli cheese, but kind of pricey at $3.25.  

We decided to pass on the lunch as Loyce is on a big diet, and the country store food didn't fit "diet" too well.

The rest of the day we went shopping, which kind of meant I sat in the car with Biscuit while Loyce went inside the stores.  And this was only Thursday!

Tomorrow the Mesa Swap Meet begins for the three day weekend.  Readers from previous years will remember that there are over 400 booths about 2 miles East of this park and will have every conceivable product that can be sold in a vendor booth.

I'm not sure we will go, but perhaps Loyce will think of something we need to go after.  Or perhaps we will just go because it is the first time for this season.  We'll see how we feel tomorrow.

Retired Rod


  1. 'Hot beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy over it all' would be my number one attraction there & might even be enough to drag me through a crowd of people to get it:)) Or, maybe I would just stay home & have a peanut butter sandwich & forego the mosh crowds.

  2. Ooooh, I miss the Mesa Swap Meet even though we didn't buy much there. It was interesting to attend.

  3. Sounds like that place would be right up Paulette's alley! At least now you have Biscuit to keep you entertained while you're waiting for Loyce!

    We've been to the Mesa Swap Meet a fe times and it's a big one!

  4. I love those swap meets. I can always manage to find a good deal. It's fun just talking to everyone.


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