Saturday, December 11, 2010

I go swap meetin by myself

Loyce wasn't too interested in going to the swap meet today.  She had other plans to go out and shop some more.  And because I had sat in the car and waited in front of the stores yesterday, I decided that I would use the motor scooter and go to the swap meet.

I was looking for a new plastic license plate cover to put over my painted vanity plate on the front of the motorhome.  The plate is painted with the colors and pattern of the campaign ribbon from service in VietNam.  Most folks don't have any idea what it is or stands for, but every now and then you find a person that knows exactly what it means.

Since it is painted on an aluminum plate, it is protected with a thick plastic sheet that is mounted under the screws along with the plate.  Somehow the wind managed to get under this plastic and broke it in two.  So half of it is missing.  The little plastic sheet is only two bucks, so I bought one, and a Navy Seabee license plate frame to go over it and provide some additional protection.  As I sit here now and think about it I should have bought a second one as well just for a backup.

So then I was strolling around the swap meet, and went over to the entertainment area and watched a group of fellows play the pan flute along with a rhythm guitar.  They had the electronic bass and drummer machine as well, so it  was nice music.  They played Hotel California, and the flute player kept changing the flute size that he was playing.  He had a big around flute that had a very surreal bass sound that he would add at the proper times in the music.

But after a while, I left and went to talk to the fellow that sold us the froggy planter last year.  He had a number of new pieces this year, but the $150 tall chicken, just wasn't singing to me.  But then I went past the bedding booth.

The mattresses, while not the most expensive pieces in the world, actually were quite comfortable.  Loyce and I have not been overly happy with our Select Comfort air mattress that came with the motorhome.  It just doesn't support us large bottomed folks very well.  We blow the air mattress up all the way to 100 and it still sags.  We have a memory foam topper on it, and that doesn't add any support, it just makes the top softer.  I have several more pieces of foam under me as well, and I still wake with nasty back aches.  

So I made a deal subject to Loyce's approval.  I rode back home and got her.  We returned to the booth after discussing the purchase.  This time we both  laid on it together, and after finding out that they will deliver the mattress here to the RV, we bought it.

We will keep the select comfort, so that when we trade or sell the motorhome, the next owner will get it.  The select comfort is worth more than twice what we will pay for the inner spring mattress, but you know how that goes, different stokes!  And your mileage may vary.

So tonight, I have been sitting here wondering if I should have shopped around and found a better one than something from the swap meet, but then I have made bigger mistakes before! 

We'll know after one night!  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. We also have the Select Comfort air mattress in our motorhome and have been less than happy with it. Even with the memory foam on top, the mattress remains questionable. Glad to hear you actually pulled the trigger and are doing something about yours, we haven’t quite made that decision yet.

  2. Sure hope that new mattress works out and you don't end up wishing you'd bought the $150 tall chicken instead!

    Rod, I was reading a new blogger yesterday, lives near Vancouver, B.C. and he just rigged up a pretty neat looking gizmo to tow his motorcycle behind his 5th wheel. Thought you might find it interesting. Here's the link:

    Motorcycle Swivel Wheel

  3. For $150, you'd certainly think the chicken would at least sing! :)

  4. No matter what it costs, if you are helped, it is priceless.

  5. hope the new fix for the mattress helps the two of you out!..we do spend one third of our lives sleeping so being comfortable is very important!

  6. I really liked my one-wheel trailer, as when backing up, it just goes with the vehicle. Not like a two wheel trailer.

    I hope your new bed will help you, my dense memory foam topper has stopped me from having back aches.

    So where is 'Froggy', now?

    No pictures of Biscuit today.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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