Monday, December 20, 2010

No riding with the motorcycle group yet.

These days are getting away from us quite quickly.  I really don't know where they go, but today was enjoyable.  The weather was perfect, and the sun was bright!  Loyce went walking and I got cleaned up for the day.

After some breakfast and spending time on the internet catching up with everyone else, I uncovered the motorscooter.  It was now showing 80 degrees on the temp gage in the sun.  I rode around in the RV park.

Earlier, all of the motorcycle group had motored by our site on their way out for the day.  They go for all day, and I simply could not make more than about an hour or so with the surgery on my front side.   It just gets to hurting so I have realized that I can not go with them.

I did ride over to Wendy's for my value menu burger.  Again that gives me a break from riding for a while, that I wouldn't have if I was riding with the group.  From there, I went over to Petsmart, and shopped for a harness for Biscuit.

The vet had told us that she is too small and fragile for a traditional collar while we are teaching her to walk with us.  Of course she goes wild with excitement once we get out on the street.  She pulls so hard, and we have to tug back to try and correct her and help keep her walking by our sides.

So after selecting one and paying, I rode the bike back here to the park.  I spent the next half hour adjusting the harness, as I purchased a fairly large for her model.  I am hopeful that she will grow into the harness.  Had I purchased the extra small, she would grow out of it in the next few weeks.  But for now, she will grow into the small one in the next few weeks.

I tried walking with her, and she was even wilder, since the lead is attached in the middle of her back.  It seemed like I had less control of her, so this is still a work in progress.  Tonight she was rolling on the floor trying to get the harness off, so we decided to leave it on her for a day or two to see if she gets used to it.  This dog training thing has many corners, and this is another one.

Loyce decided that our bedding needed to be washed, so she spent some time over at the Laundry, and tonight we watched some TV.  Sarah Palin's Alaska  was one of the shows that had captivated our time.

So the day is gone and I need to go start the electric heater, as it is now about 60 inside, and it will be in the mid 40s before morning.

Retired Rod


  1. Oh the wild one! We also have a small dog, and we tried the collar, the harness... the wildness continued!Picture a wee puppy refusing to walk and howling on the driveway. Finally we were recommended to get a Halti - it is like a horse halter only for dogs. Lifesaver. Works great. Our dog was not thrilled, but she was much better to walk with.

  2. Sounds like you've got another wild one there with Biscuit. I know what that's like!! It just takes time with walking like everything else with a puppy.

    Glad to see the weather there is nice and warm during the day. Send some over to California!

  3. Have you thought of taking her to a few puppy obediance classes? It's my understanding that they aren't like the ones for juvenile dogs, but are more geared to very young babies. Just a thought.

  4. We are also on the look for a harness. I was going to ask at the Vet's on Wednesday for the best place to get one. There isn't a pet store in this area, so they may be hard to come by. Wal*Mart only has the very large ones.

  5. Sounds as if you are enjoying the weather. We will have to locate the Alaska series, I have heard it is pretty good.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. We have a beagle and got her a harness on the recommendation of our vet after she had a growth on her neck, probably from the collar. The growth went away with antibiotics but we still use the harness and she does fine with it -- she has gotten out of it but it seems to be adjusted ok now and it seems like she is more secure -- good luck with Biscuit!!

  7. Hi Rod,
    Dogs should be walked on your left side. When Biscuit tries to pull, turn around, and go in the opposite direction. She will soon learn that pulling gets her nowhere. It is demonstrated here:

    I hope this helps, Penny, TX


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