Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the road to Mesa.

When you don't have to be on the road at any particular time, isn't it interesting that you are ready to go by 9:30.  We were up early with Biscuit, as her ability to stay in her crate with a full bladder is minimal.  She begins to put up a fuss, just as soon as she wakes up.

So that has us up and around more quickly now, and even taking as much time as we could, still didn't keep us behind.

We headed out to the South of Holbrook on the two lane roads that head up over the mountains.  It is much shorter that way, and we are familiar with the roadways.  Our GPS did not like this trip option at all. It kept screaming SHARP TURN! its way of asking for a U turn.  Go back to the interstate!  Drive thru Flagstaff, even if it is 60 miles farther!

Eventually it recalculated and decided that it was OK to go over the mountain to Payson.  But of course we had to run into signs for construction that encouraged us to take an alternate route.  But they didn't detour us, so I pressed on.  We never did see any workers, but did find the construction zone.  We drove right thru.

When we drove over the mountains, it is just like going to Colorado.  We were at 7,200 feet at the summit and the ponderosa pines are majestic. While there was snow in the ditches, the roads had melted several days ago.  They were still white with the road salt however.  The pine forest smell is intoxicating!  There are dude ranches and RV parks, but mostly they were closed for the season.

Once we arrived here in Mesa, I found a gas station that had diesel, and jockeyed back and forth to get the fuel fill door next to the pump.  It wouldn't be so hard, except we have the trailer on the back, and it makes us too long for the stations.  

So with a full tank, we came and got in line for the registration process here at Valle Del Oro RV Resort.  That would be valley of the gold in english.  Haven't seen any gold here yet! LOL

After paying for all three months up front, we were escorted to our site.  They stay with you and direct you as you park.  They want to make sure you are on your own lot, and that you do not run over the water and sewer pipes at the rear of the lot.  Also they make sure you are straight.  I am sure they are also looking over your rig to make sure it is acceptable.  No Conestoga wagons, LOL.  They have the 10 years or newer rule unless they agree that it is acceptable. 

During registration I was told that I couldn't have my utility trailer on the lot with me, but that it had to be put in dead storage.  Well, rules are rules, but the parker guy said that she was mistaken and that the rule had been changed.  If the trailer was small enough to fit in front of the car space, it could stay on the lot.  So I jockeyed carefully to get the trailer just like he liked it so we could keep it here. Whew!

So as I was setting up the water and sewer lines, it was 78 degrees outside, and it is only supposed to be 45 tonight.  So I think we have found that nicer weather that we were looking for! 

Retired Rod


  1. Get the scooter and the swim suits out you guys are in heaven. Wish we could join you for a spell. It is 28 degrees here in Scranton, with a high of 33 and flurries predicted.I wonder at what point they change from flurries to snow.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. You and Loyce enjoy your stay. We are having some good weather as well for a change. I was getting pretty tired of the wind in Texas.

    Take Care and have fun

  3. Looks like great weather in Arizona! Glad you could park it closeby!

  4. It's definitely T-shirt and shorts time with that temperature! That would have been a pain if you'd had to store your trailer in the lot. Sound like Valley of the Gold is somewhat flexible on rules so that's good to hear.

    Enjoy the day and don't get too sunburned!


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