Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hanging at the Motorhome

First off, for Taz, I considered some bully sticks, and I may purchase some in the future, but I wasn't sure that I wanted to start that so early in her life.  If I can get Biscuit to chew on the nylon bone then she won't get hooked on actual food products as her bone of choice.

Once she becomes older and minds a little better, perhaps we will get them for her.  But I am just afraid that we will start something we can't go back on.

Loyce wanted to go out on one of her shopping trips today, so I hung back here at the motorhome with Biscuit.  I buzzed off with the motor scooter for quick trips, but came back to let her out of the crate about every hour or so.

I went and bought some rope lights to put in the lemon tree at the front of our lot.  They are a lot more expensive than ordinary Christmas lights, but you can use them out on a campout in the state park or COE campground.  I did purchase all white lights so they will double for both purposes.

It wasn't as warm today, only reaching the early 70s and it is to be even cooler in the next few days.  It is still hot inside the motorhome with the front window facing South.  We have the windshield curtain drawn to minimize the heat, but still we can't leave the dog in here without the AC for very long unless the windows and door are left open.

Loyce came back somewhere after 4:30 and I had buzzed off on another Wal Mart run when I remembered that I was out of bread for breakfast.  That worked out about right, because she came just after I had left. So Biscuit was attended almost all the time.

She is so young, that she tends to freak out when we put her in her crate and leave her unattended.  So we have not done that too much.  Remember a few days back when she managed to drain her water bottle when we were gone for less than an hour.  So this is what we have gotten ourselves into with the new puppy.

But don't feel too sorry for us as we hang out in the sun under the awning drinking a cool refreshment reading a book or cruising the internet on the laptop.  Not a snow drift in sight.  Well unless Jenny manages to send us some from Central Tennessee!  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you had a laid back kinda day. We all need those every once in a while.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  2. We are finding out too how much work a new puppy acutally is. Rusty has the runs, so not too much fun so far. I think we were feeding him too much also. We are actually use to outside pets, so this is all new to us. He sure keeps us hopping, and I guess that is a good thing.

  3. A new puppy sure changes things around home, no doubt about it. They are always a work in progress but are so much fun too. It's going to be nice to able to sit outside in a lawn chair in a few weeks - can't wait!

  4. Wow! You are having some fantastic weather. I'm thinking we should have headed out West instead of South. Enjoy! I like your new header with your motorcoach and site.


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