Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Computer Club

I went up to the activity hall this morning at 10 AM for what was billed as a computer club meeting, but they wouldn't open the doors until exactly 10.  I was the only guy in a sea of ladies.  That makes me uneasy right then and there.

But come to find out what they were doing was selling enrollments in their classes.  They have limited seats or spots for these classes as everyone must sit infront of a computer in their lab.  You cannot bring your own laptop.  So when the class size equals the number of available machines, its full!

Since I didn't even know what they had available or what level the class was aimed at, I didn't register for anything.

But tonight at 7 PM we had a meeting of what can the computer club provide for you.  And during that meeting I learned that you don't join the club in order to receive training.  You join the club when you want to provide the training.  Club members provide the work and training that create the club services.  So I need to be a recipient of training and not a club member at first.  And if I can provide something that is worthy of becoming a club member, then that will follow.

It is a completely different philosophy than I thought I was dealing with.  Sometimes understanding how things are organized is the beginning of using the services provided.  I picked up several ideas tonight at the information meeting, so it was really worth my time.

On a second front, I went up to the mail boxes in our end of the park to find that I had a pink slip.  That would be a notice that I had a package at the main office.  Taking the slip up to the office determined that they had our box number recorded wrong and had changed the correct address on the package to a wrong address and then proceeded to loose the package. That took a while and several folks to straighten out.  Somehow I don't think that is the end of it either.

But the package was our new ice maker water valve for the Dometic fridge.   I held my breath as I opened the package that it would be the right part.   And low and behold, the folks in Red Bay came thru.  It was an exact replacement of the broken piece.

From there, I kind of chilled out and slowly reinstalled the valve.  It is made from plastic, and I didn't need to break it as I installed it.  Since the plastic is threaded, not over torquing the bolts is the order of the install.

It all went together and nothing was broken.  I bled the air and turned on the water and it didn't leak.  It  was time to just ignore the ice maker and see if we had ice later in the day, which we did, so its a done deal.  If we have a bunch of ice in the morning, I will have fixed it for about 50 bucks.

This afternoon, I went over to Wal Mart and bought a stretch web belt to begin using a belt in my pants again.  It has sort of been an OK deal, but not completely.  It brings back an amount of pain that was more than I was hoping for.  If it wasn't that the incision is right under where my belt goes, this wouldn't be such a big deal.   But by putting a belt on my incision that must be pulled tight enough to hold up my pants, that has recreated the pain that I thought was behind me.

But I did ride the scooter for a while this afternoon, as I chose a Wal Mart that was about 10 miles away.  I had the underseat storage chucked quite full on the trip back home.  You never go to Wal Mart without buying a lot more than you planned.  The $100 store!  Always!

Retired Rod


  1. Yep, we always had to be careful about that when riding the motorcycle. Many time I (Janna) have ridden home on the back of the motorcycle with a sack of grapefruit or potatoes in my lap!

  2. Absolutely! I never got out of a U.S. Walmart for much under $100. Luckily up here I can do it often. Our local one is just a Walmart, not a Superstore. I have to drive about 20 minutes to get to a Superstore and since we've moved here, I haven't bothered.

    Guess you'll have to continue wearing the braces for a while yet. Gordon just wears a vest over his. It's much more comfortable for him.

  3. I think computer classes are a great idea, at some of these RV parks for some of us older computer users. But, I mean the kind where you can learn some things, not teach them. I know I could use some brush-up on the basics and I am sure there are a lot of others right here that could to. I may run this by the people in the office and see if they can come up with something.

  4. When I saw 'computer club', I had visions of you teaching all those folks "Ubuntu For Dummies"!

    Good fix on the ice maker and great that you got the right part to do it with.

  5. The $100 store! You got that right. One of many reasons why I hate to go inside.

    Our old computer club sort of worked as you describe - as a club, we taught basic DOS & Windows courses, as well as doing seminars on the use of specific programs - WordSt*r, WordPerfect, dBase, Paradox and Lotus, etc. all come to mind (didn't mean to date myself).

    I suggest you stick with suspenders and start tightening the waist band of your pants with a safety pin in back - just the cloth rubbing against the scar tissue and nerve endings is what you need to ease back into applying pressure over the wound -- been there, done that -- wish you a speedy(ier) recovery.


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