Friday, May 20, 2011

Arrived in Dayton

This morning a alarm clock wasn't necessary, like most times you stay in a motel every one gets up at 6 AM and begins to take showers and bang the outside doors.  And for some reason folks still warm up their cars for ten minutes before driving off.  Even with gas being over $4 a gallon.

So I was up and out of the room by about 8 AM.  But remember I am driving East and into the Eastern time zone, so it was really 9AM where I was going.  So I went ahead and set my watches and clocks to the Eastern zone before I left.  It really messes me up to change the time half way thru a day!

In about two hours, I was entering Indianapolis from the Southwest.  Indy has some of the worst traffic I have seen, right after Dallas that is.  And like most days, it was an absolute zoo.  And to make things even more intolerable, there is construction on most of the intown freeways.  So I decided to stay on the Southside beltway I 465.  It had construction around the I65 intersection, and I hoped off about then and filled up with gas, but for the most part, we rolled right along.

Still the traffic is tight, with very little space between the cars, and with big trucks right next to you as well, you stay tense the entire time you are driving in the metro.  I just make sure I have on my most aware attitude and come on thru.  Still traffic can come to an abrupt stop at a moments notice!

I got off for a Wendy's at about the Ohio and Indiana state line, and my friend Larry called about then and wanted to know where the heck I was.  I told him I would be there in about a half an hour, and that turned out to be accurate.

From then on, the day was a blur, as I got the admittance badge and a parking pass.  I got parked in the VIP lot, and came on in to the show.  Today was setup day, and unless you are an exhibitor, you can't get in.  But we have four parking spaces with a trailer parked and a canvas tent like enclosure, which turned out to be great, because it poured rain for quite a while in the middle of the afternoon.

Tonight was dinner at the Ice Cream store that is all over here in the East, "Friendly's."  We had hours of fellowship, long after our meal was complete, and it is now getting late as I type this.  Since we have to get up at the stroke of dawn, I need to cut this short and try for some sleep.

The guy in the next room just started his C PAP machine, so it sounds like I will be sleeping next to an air compressor all night......  Motels!...

Retired Rod


  1. Yep, know what you mean by that construction & traffic in Indy. That place has chewed us up & spit us out more than once over the past few years. We did Dallas one time but now go around it when in the area.

  2. Glad to hear you made it safely to Dayton. Your motel experiences have reminded me why we love our 5'er so much for traveling. It would be very hard to go back to a motel again.


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