Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Arrives

Loyce cleaned and cleaned all day, but the outside was way too cool to go clean up the dock or the boat, so I stayed inside.  Mostly out of the way of the ongoing cleanup.  She of course said I was lazy, but then I wouldn't do it up to par if I helped much.  At least that's my excuse, and I am sticking to it...

We did head on out to do some power shopping at the outlet mall here in the lake area.  They call it the premium outlet mall, because it has all those same stores that most of the manufacturer outlet malls have.  Loyce likes the children's store Carter, and I ducked over to Hagar, but didn't find anything that tripped my purchase impulse.  Anyway she was done, so I had to rush back and get her.

We went thru the Wendy's drive thru for me, and she had a salad that she had made at home, and then it was off to Wal Mart for some more items for the larder.  Our fridge here is bare empty, as we haven't been here enough to let things build up this summer.

We tend to buy stuff as we come down and then not take a lot of it back to KC.  By fall, it is full of condiments and non aging stuff in jars and bottles.  Then once we close up shop for the longer haul of winter, we take it all home all at once.  Or, if there isn't much in a bottle, we just toss the stuff.  Same with the freezer, it collects a lot of half used packages, and they get tossed in late October.

Any way we had our oldest son and his wife and two of the five grandkids arrive tonight about 8 PM.  Claire the six year old, had to play Angry Birds with grandpa on the smart phone.  She sometimes can play it on her mom's phone, but mom can be quite protective of the phone as well.  So we used grandpa's phone, together.  But then she had to go to bed.

Tomorrow we are having the second family arriving, which will add three more kids, so we will have all five running at once.  The youngest is now two, so she can run with the best of them.  Pandemonium will be the best description.  Loyce was putting things in the bedroom that she didn't want to be played with, but the kids will find the stuff in there too.  Good luck!!

Chris our son, said they stopped in Sedalia to eat on the way down here, and that the parts of town that didn't have damage were open as usual, and that the highway was back open.  Unlike Joplin, where they have a much larger area that is damaged including the downtown area.

It still rained off and on all day long and the temps were never more than 60, so this may be a really cold holiday.  Perhaps fishing on the dock will be the best activity for the weekend as the water is really cold for swimming.

Let the chaos begin!

Retired Rod


  1. Happy Memorial weekend to you and yours Rod

  2. Have a great weekend with the Grands. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  3. You may need a set of earplugs if everyone has to stay inside due to the weather. :)

  4. Have a great weekend with all the kids. I'll bet Biscuit just loves having all the grandkids around to play with.

  5. Sounds like a great week end you are working on there. We also have plans all 3 days. Biscuit will love every minute of the attention she is sure to get. Stay safe.


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