Sunday, May 15, 2011

Camera is in the US, and A/C fails

Nothing new here, it is still cold and we are wearing our sweat shirt and long pants.  I never even noted the high temperature today because it wasn't good if you like things warmer.  And the sun was hidden all day too.

But today I did have a good news, as when I checked on the D5100 camera tracking, I found that it had arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Well now, that makes me feel a lot better about my chances to receive this product.  I guess I shouldn't be concerned since the cameras are produced in the far East, and they all have to be shipped here.  I'm just not used to ordering something from so far away.

Actually I am beginning to become excited that it will be here in a few days and I will get to learn about all its new features.

Personally, I spent much of the day working on paper work concerning my finances.  This seems to be an ongoing endeavor in our volatile markets.  Things change very rapidly, and I find that staying on top of that change is almost a full time job.  And since that isn't the most exciting topic, it doesn't give me a lot to blog about.

On a different subject, I learned yesterday that our air conditioner unit that is outside of the house was damaged by the hail storm more that we had originally suspected.  I think the insurance adjuster gave me  $100 to get the fins combed out.  But as I was mowing the yard, I noticed that the copper lines are leaking both freon and oil.  The pipe had a frothy spew of oily foam dripping from it onto the ground.  Uh,,, not good!!

So I called the A/C folks, and as usual, they are backed up until next week sometime, so the fact that it is cooler is really a benefit right now.  But if it gets cold enough to need the heat pump, remember that is the same compressor running in the opposite direction.  And that means it won't work either.

None the less, you can't go without the A/C working so I made the appointment.  Will this ever end?

Retired Rod


  1. I don't remember humidity bothering me as a younger person so I wonder if it is one of those 'many' things that becomes more uncomfortable with age. We resisted air conditioning right up to 3 years ago & are now so thankful we have it. My Nikons have a 'Made In Taiwan' sticker on them. Hope you like your new D5100 as much as I like my D90. Great cameras for sure. I'm seriously thinking of buying a good 90mm Macro lens shortly.

  2. Great news on your camera, should be at your door sometime this week. That sure must have been some hailstorm you had as it seems to have caused a lot of damage. I hope your A/C unit is the end of it.

  3. It's a never ending story of repairs and things breaking. Sounds like you have it under control though. Waiting to see some fabulous pictures from your new camera.


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