Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back in KC......

Last fall we purchased an new Jet Ski for the lake property.  Our old one was a 1995 two cycle 750 cc three person ski.  We purchased it brand new, and it was the biggest ski available at that time.

The one we replaced it with is a 1500 cc four cycle four cylinder model, that is the smallest engine that Kawasaki makes now.  Isn't it interesting that the smallest ski is twice as large as the biggest from fifteen years ago.  Our family of young grand kids does not require anything larger at this time.  None of the kids are old enough to ride by themselves, and hopefully buying a small one will keep them safe when they do get old enough.

The main reason for going back to Lake Ozark, was to return that ski to the dealer in order to have him install the battery and add fuel and service the bike so that it will be ready for the holiday weekend.  So this morning, I towed the bike over for this service.

But during the time that it was there, we had the severe thunderstorm come thru town.  I waited it out, and gave them more time than they said they needed to complete the work.  Once the storms were mostly gone, I returned and picked up the now running bike.  But it was still raining and much colder when I got home.  The forecast was for more rain tomorrow, so I made a decision.

I stuffed the ski in the garage, and headed for KC!  I couldn't have done much in the way of cleaning the dock and the pontoon boat in the rainy and cool conditions.  And riding the jet ski back to the dock from the boat launch will definitely require a sunny and warmer day.  Perhaps one of the boys will do that job for me!  At best, I will only be a casual rider of the jet ski, because it smacks down on the water with a quite violent whack as it goes over waves in rough conditions.  This is not for folks in their 60s with recent surgeries in their history!

Maybe on a calm day with no other boats in sight!!!  LOL

Retired Rod

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