Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornado Watch

We are under another tornado watch until 3 AM in the morning.

I copied this from the Weather Underground site a few minutes ago, and we are currently in the gray area between the two lines of storms.  But the dark red line has moved over into Missouri now, and appears to be the worst of it.  We still have lightening and thunder in the distance to the West.

You can see the city of Joplin that was largely demolished by the tornado in the bottom of the picture, as they continue to get hit with nasty rain storms and are still in the tornado watch area.

Today has been like this most of the day, as we would be dry for an hour or two, but just when you thought it might be over, another rain shower drowned any hope for a nice day.

I made several phone calls here today, and talked to the credit card people in the large eastern city where one of our cards was issued.  Seems that I somehow misplaced it on the big trip this past week.

At least no one was charging big ticket items on it unlike last Christmas, when we were buying Apple computers in upstate New York, even though we were in Arizona.  I seem to have the worst luck with this card, a comedy of errors mostly my fault.

So it was a hang at home day, and now we are hiding at home ready to head to the basement if things get nasty.  This spring has been a real doozy weather wise to be sure.

Retired Rod


  1. Such wicked weather. Please stay safe!

  2. Do like I did put a seat belt on your reclining chair and when the sirens sounds put on your motorcycle helmet and continue to watch TV. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I hope your night passed uneventfully!!

  4. Hard to believe the devastation in Joplin. Sure hope you guys made it thru the night o.k. Hope you've got a safe place to hide in the house when those sirens go off.


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