Thursday, May 12, 2011

Had to get back to KC!!

We drove the 400 miles back here to the house today, arriving about 6PM.  We were off before 10 AM which is early for us, but then we had a little problem or it would have been earlier.

With the slides retracted, we started the jack sequence, and the control panel would not do a thing.  It sat there and blinked like it should work, but the buttons were just dead.  We were up on all four jacks that can take 500 turns each with a half inch wrench to retract manually.  Some folks use a drill motor to do it, but I wasn't looking forward to that.

After about 30 minutes of messing around, I wondered if it would respond to an emergency retract.  That's where you hold your foot on the brake, and put the coach into gear like you are going to drive off with the jacks down.

The alarms all went off instantly and the panel started to flash all the LEDs at me all at once, but the jacks started to retract.  I just left it in gear and waited until they dogged up.  I got out and looked at all four to make sure they were completely up and they were.

Turning off the coach and then restarting, cleared the emergency. But the panel would still not respond to any input from the buttons other than off and on.  So going on home was the only option, since you are not supposed to run the slides unless the jacks are down.  Also if you are out of level, the refrigerator will destroy its self ever so slowly.  So the RV is unusable as it sits.

I went over and put it on its storage lot tonight, and I am to call Tiffin in the morning when I get it to a place where I can again follow the tech's advice.  This time we have to take the dash apart and see what wires may have been dislodged when they worked on the dash last week.

They did say we could use it if we could find a really level campsite that didn't bind the slide rooms.  Uh, everything in Missouri is built on the side of a hill folks........

Retired Rod


  1. Hope you find an easy fix for the trouble.What did you guys do come up 55 and then 64 to I-70,that's the only way I could have saw how you would pass Dardenne Prairie on the way to KC.Anyway to bad you couldn't stop, Donna is feeling a lot better, and I might have been able to help you with your electrical problem, maybe some time later we can meet in Columbia and do the Dinner train they just got.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Whatever that nagging problem with the dash is, I'll bet you'll be happy to get to the bottom of it and get if fixed. Good luck!


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