Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Hamvention Day!

The days of the hamfest are rapid paced and hard to explain at the same time.  Dayton Hamvention is a indoor vendor show, and an outside flea market at the same time.  The buildings are convention center based but also contain a hockey arena as well.

I started by walking some of the thousands of outside flea market vendors, looking at everything but nothing in particular.  I purchased a few small items, and then went inside to look at the commercial vendors.  While in there, I ended up at the Amateur Radio Relay League booths and many tables.  But then was sidetracked by a seminar put on by the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio group called TAPR.  This seminar is about as technical as it is possible to get in amateur radio, and is beyond the scope of this blog to even begin to explain.

I was in the seminar for over two hours, but never fell asleep once!  Since I had the car that was outside of the wire and available to go get lunch, I went to Wendy's to get value meal Burgers and Chicken nuggets.  I bought a large bag of food, that came with string handles, with individual inside bags of fries and hot chicken nuggets.  The folks devoured the entire sack of lunch over then next hour.

For most of the afternoon, we sat in our outside enclosure store and sold our wares to folks as they stopped by our booth.  Each of us in our turn went out on tours around the flea market to find goodies to bring back and show off with pride to our other members.  You know, the "what the heck are you going to do with that?" moment.......

And tonight we went to the family restaurant here by the motel that is across the main highway.  It was fish all you can eat night, but I had breakfast for supper entrees.  Most of us died after one beer back here at the motel............

Tomorrow will come early again.

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like fun. Glad to see you're feeding your friends well.

  2. I got my Tech at the 2008 Hamvention and had a blast! Glad you were able to go, hopefully someday I'll go back in the RV. :)



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