Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A surprise phone call

I was sitting here this morning trying to understand the settlement check the insurance company sent in the mail, when the phone rang.  I was a lady from the insurance adjusters office, wanting to know if I wanted the additional check mailed, or would I pick it up?

My first reaction was "what additional check", but I didn't say that.  "I'll be over and get it!" I blurted out.  And about twenty minutes later, I had another check in hand that when added to the first settlement on the motorhome equaled the amount that Tiffin had estimated.  I acted all matter of fact over at the company and didn't look surprised or shocked.

More like "Yep, there's the rest of it!"  She thanked me and went to the next customer.   We certainly had a change of heart somewhere during the night.  I'm not even going to ask how or why, just movin on...

Now they are still a grand short on the car claim, but they told me to get the appointment, so I did.  Perhaps there will be another make up check for that when the time comes.  I tried to not get all worked up yesterday over at their office, and it must have worked.

I called a company to come out and estimate our roof replacement today as well, but they never called me back, like the lady said they would.  Everyone in the South end of this city needs a new roof, so that may take a while to get started on.  I can't help but wonder how short that adjustment amount will turn out to be.  I guess time will tell, and they seem to have started back on the right foot again.

I was out this afternoon an went to the barbershop for a hair cut, and some entertainment.  Of course all us old guys were talking about the raid that got Osama, and then our experiences in Viet Nam.  Made the afternoon pass by rather quickly.....

Retired Rod


  1. Nothing like a supprise check to help make your day. I don't think anyone can figure Insurance companies out.


  2. Great News.....and you didn't have to work up a lather...

  3. You must be living right Rod, nice to hear of your good fortune. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Speaking as a former auto insurance adjuster, I would expect that they called Red Bay and found out they couldn't negotiate a better price and realized that probably they couldn't find a shop that would give them a better price. Anyway, it is your choice where repairs are made.

  5. I wonder if these insurance agents ever watch the friendly TV commercials their companies make that shows them happily handing over cheques to customers??

    Good job on making them pay up.


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