Monday, May 23, 2011


As most of you know by now, Joplin, Mo was hit hard by a tornado that seemed to be a mile wide.  That city is about 145 miles South of Overland Park, Kansas.  Loyce and Biscuit were at home in Kansas, and I was at our Lake cabin in Lake Ozark, Mo.

Lake Ozark, is about 165 miles North and East of Joplin, and is about 40 miles North of I 44 that angles Northeast from the Joplin Springfield area to St. Louis.  These storms quite often seem to track right up the I 44.

It is about 11 AM as I write this and we just had another of these nasty storm cells track right thru the Lake Ozark area.  It turned the sky dark as night and has swirling gusty winds and a line of heavy thunder showers and lightening precipitation.

The lake turned over white caps as this wind passed on thru, but everything here in Lake Ozark is fine.  I talked to Loyce last night in Overland Park, and she said that KC was fine as well.

As I watch the weather channel looking at the devastation, my heart pours out for the folks in South West Missouri.

Retired Rod

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  1. Thanks for the update, Rod. Sure hope you, Loyce, Biscuit and the rest of your family stay safe from these storms. It's sad to see the devastation in and around Joplin this morning.


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