Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Insurance Woes!

I have had it out  today with the insurance adjusters that seem  to think that things are free in the world and that they don't really have to pay for the damages that we have sustained in the recent hail storms.

I went to the dent and hail damage fellow this afternoon and had an estimate on the car,  it was $3700 and the insurance fellows seem to think I only need $2600.  And on the motorhome they think the $7200 damages are only $2500.  I am distraught.

So they intend to pay about half of the total cost of our losses.  I offered to litigate, and they said I shouldn't to that.  I made sure that they understood that I would do it in a heart beat even if it ended up costing me more money than I collected, but that we would be seeking attorney fees as well.

They had me make the appointment with the dent guy for two weeks from now.  I guess they will go over and beat him up on his estimate, but that takes me out of the fight, and that will help my disposition a bit.

I spent some of the afternoon watching the talking heads on the demise of Osama Bin Laden.  I am not convinced that we can believe much of what the media reports, as they seem to make up the story on the fly, even when they don't have the facts to support what they report.  But the Western world is overjoyed at this outcome even after ten years.  Perhaps we really haven't forgotten those awful days in September.

I am a former Navy man, and I was delighted to see that the Navy Seals pulled off this mission and managed to get back out with their lives and the objective.  But with all due respect, I think the Army would have done just fine as well.  Our fighting forces are truly the finest in the world, and we all owe them a great deal of gratitude as we sleep soundly tonight.

Retired Rod


  1. Reading your comments about dealing with your insurance company brought back some old memories. It's precisely for the reasons you state that the then B.C. Government, 35 years ago, kicked out the private auto insurers and took over the auto insurance industry as a Government Crown Corp.(ICBC).

    Since then, our claims are dealt with fairly and we also have lower rates in comparison to other provinces who have not yet converted to government run auto insurance.

    As for bin Laden - good riddance. I think everyone from President Obama on down deserves a lot of credit for a gutsy call and a successful operation.

  2. Seal Team Six is the cream of the crop, during the Iraq war my old helicopter squadron HC-2 flew them into Iraq to rescue that lady soldier being held prisoner.They have participated in every major operation in the last 15 years, a very tough and trained outfit.Yes we can be very thankfull for young men & women like this. Hope you prevail over the insurance company, we went through the same thing when we had a severe storm and tried to get hail damage on our roof,while two of our neighbors got new roofs our roof wasn't damaged, go figure, we did change insurance companies and cited that as the reason.That's the only recourse. vote with your wallet.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Being a former Army civilian I would have been delighted if Army had done the job, but the Navy did just as well! (I'm joking a little on this). The result is what matters.

  4. We just had a go to with our RV insurance company. We had some fairly major damage to a slide as a result of the heavy rains and freezes where we were located in Arkansas back in January. The ice had also knocked a bunch of small branches and pine straw on top of the slide which due to the ice and rain we were not able to remove before pulling the slide in. The initial adjuster said we were not entitled to any insurance funds because of we were negligent by bringing the slides in with the pine straw on top. Never mind that the damage was there BEFORE we brought the slide in. It took a number of phone calls and enlisting the insurance claims manager and the manager/owner of the repair facility to get all to agree that the damage was covered. I think adjusters must get bonuses based on how many claims they deny!

    Good luck!


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