Monday, May 23, 2011

Back in Lake Ozark!

We always go over to the hamfest site on Sunday morning, and decide if we should buy something that we find on special from the retail vendors.  Sometimes things can be ordered for delivery to your home which eliminates paying sales tax in Ohio, so Sunday seems special.

But as we went back into the buildings this morning, it seems that we spent all of our time finding our friends that we hadn't seen and just shaking hands and catching up with things since we had seen each other last year.

So the time was gone almost before it began, and soon it was 9:30 when we agree that we should leave for home.  Really it is only 8:30 because we are headed back to the Central time zone, but if you look at it that way, it was 4:30 when the alarm got us up this morning too.

We were on the road by 9 AM Central and never stopped except for Wendy's and a couple of gas stops.  I traveled 8 hours and arrived here in Lake Ozark about 5:30 tonight.  500 miles is a lot of driving when you are by yourself, but for some of the afternoon, I had the ham radio on and we were traveling with other hams that had left about the same time.

That helped pass the time as we recounted the hamfest and the things that happened.  The most notable of which was that the water system ruptured below the flea market parking lot.  Water came rushing to the surface and flooded everything in that area of the show.  But it didn't end there, as the water floated the sewer line to the surface and it ruptured as well spilling sewage and requiring pumping trucks and the application of bleach and lime.

Folks had to be relocated within the show and the entire area was cordoned off.  Over night excavation began to repair the lines and things had returned to normal inside the buildings that had lost their plumbing.    So we had some fun recapping the happenings and the response of the officials that were responsible for decisions.  Both good and bad.

Tonight I am killed as I write this, and I hope this makes some sense.  But my bed tonight is my own here at the lake cottage, and there are no loud noises out in the hall at early morning hours.  So I am looking forward to a night of sound sleep so I can address the many projects that need attention tomorrow.

Retired Rod

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  1. Rod, sure hope you and your family are o.k. after the tornado in Missouri last night. As I understand it, Joplin is only 140 miles directly south of your home, is that right? Sure was a devastating event with so many killed and injured. Sure hope all of your family is o.k.

    Please post an update when you get a chance to let us know. Thanks.


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