Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Storms

The entire story around here continues to be the weather.  It is very unsettled, and the tornado producing clouds come rolling in at a moments notice.

We were watching it rain and the sky was very dark off to the East of us about noon today, when the sirens began to blow.  We are on the line between towns, and the town to the East is Overland Park, and their sirens started first.

We turned on the TV to see what the deal was, and found that a twister had been sighted about three and one half miles to our East, and it was tracking Northeast.  Away from us.Then not long after, the sirens began to blow in Olathe, but there wasn't any nasty clouds over them.

We watched the radar and channel surfed until we found the channel with the helicopter that was flying around the clouds with the funnel dropping out of it.  That fellow is one brave pilot!!!  But he did the 360 degree swing with the camera on the bottom of his chopper, and we could see that the nasty stuff was headed away.   So we didn't head for the basement.

The problem with this is that the motorhome storage lot is right over in the line where the storm had tracked.  Eww, we just had it fixed from the last one.  The sirens continued, and the line of storms tracked all across the downtown of KC, Mo.  And then off to the Northeast out in the country.  There was also some damage reported in Sedalia  Mo.  One of the towns that we drive thru to go to the lake.

Tonight at about supper time, the clouds became dark again, and then the sky got all green and we thought we were in for it again, but the sky opened up and it only poured rain, not wind.

That was six hours ago, and it is still raining outside quite steadily.  I have lost track how much rain we have had, but it is enough to have standing water in the back yard.   The sump pump is running about every 5 minutes in the basement.

Biscuit has been terrified, and won't go outside to do her duty.  She begs to get back in without even trying to relieve herself.  Loyce had to go stand with her in the rain and demand that she went.

In the middle of the afternoon, the roofer came back and explained that the insurance company was not going to pay them any more money up front, other than what we already had, and he said he couldn't do it for that.  So now I guess we will have to pay the difference.

I'm not too sure I want them tearing the roof off right now anyway, at least until we get out of this unstable pattern........

I did go look at the motorhome tonight about dark, and the storm didn't damage anything in the storage lot.  It did tear up a cemetery to the South of town and wreck some trees, but I couldn't see any damage from the main streets.  I didn't go searching the neighborhoods, as I was sure I would have heard about any major problems on the TV.

Retired Rod


  1. It's 5:30 a.m. & I see by the radar we are experiencing that same long band of rain you were getting. Stretches all the way from just east of Kansas City through Chicago right up here into Southern Ontario. No wind, thunder or lightning though. Just rain. Good thing you have a basement. Crazy, crazy weather.

  2. We had the same here in Dardenne Prairie, the sirens went off a couple of times. today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Glad to hear you're safe. I had looked at the radar yesterday and it didn't look good - way too many colors!

  4. This weather is something else! Stay safe...

  5. Glad to hear you are still o.k. there despite all the storm warnings. Stay safe and I hope Biscuit isn't too petrified of all these storms.

  6. Stay safe, warm and dry....Hope your weather gets better


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