Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping on top of the job.

Tonight I must report that there is a reason that we keep going back to Red Bay, Alabama for motor home repairs.  Other than the fact that they are the factory and have an almost unlimited stock of parts and associated vendors that will ship parts that they do not have on hand.

This morning, I was called mid morning by the painter that is working on our coach.  Not some foreman in the office, mind you, the actual guy with the paint gun.  This is the second time he has called, and the third call we have received since we left last Monday.

He reports that the color is on the new doors and that he was ready to spray the coach with the clear coat that will protect the paint and make it shiny.  Once that is done, they will allow the coach to sit in the booth for the rest of the day, and tomorrow they will start to buff the paint out to its final shine.

This translates to the fact that the coach will be done sometime in the near future, barring any problems, that are unforeseen.  So even though I am 600 miles away, I know almost as much as if I was right there. Of course I haven't been there to inspect the process as it was going along, but since they paint coaches all day long every day of the year, I am not sure I could add anything that they wouldn't already know anyway.

I was also called by the roofing company that will estimate the roof replacement for the house.  It will be interesting to see how much more they think the job is worth than our insurance company.  They will be arriving tomorrow, so we won't have to wait long for that outcome.

Other than that, this was another of my medical days over at the doctor's office so that fairly much wasted the rest of the day, and doesn't give me much to write about.

We did have our youngest grand daughter again today, and we were playing for much of the day, so it was a fun day just the same.

Retired Rod


  1. Oh the roofer will TRY to hold you up too!! When a hail storm hits an area like it did yours, the adjusters and the roofers get together and have a meeting.. At that meeting they decide what is a "fair" price for a roofing job. That's what the Insurance Co will pay. depending on your policy they may try to depericate your roof depending of course on how old the roof was...
    I know, because I was an adjuster for nearly 30 years,,,so watch your mouth,,,Ha Ha... I hated roof detail....The last 15 years I spent supervising litigation,,,,and fighting with lawyers..That was fun!

    I don't envy you with all that damage, but I don't envy the adjusters either with the job they have of trying to satisfy everybody. Its a vicious circle. Glad I'm retired....

  2. Doesn't it make you glad that when you go to the Doctor, the insurance companies aren't depreciating your parts depending on how old you are? Or, are they??

    Nice to have a day with your granddaughter to get your mind off some of this stuff.


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