Monday, May 9, 2011

Tonight we are in Jonesboro, Arkansas again, but this time we are in a poorly remodeled motel that at one time might have been a franchise property.  We do not recognize the franchise and can't speculate about it.

It looked fairly inexpensive from the road, and was pet friendly but as we were two folks with a dog, the additionals began to raise the price. Dog $10 extra, two people $10 extra, double beds $5 extra, and so forth.  It makes the $25 campground fee we paid here two weeks ago seem really cheap.

But then we had a lot of diesel fuel to get here with the motorhome that the car doesn't cost.  Camping is a lifestyle, it is not cheaper with fuel prices the way they are.

Biscuit has never stayed in a motel before and hears all the folks in the adjacent rooms going in and out of their rooms.  She is in her crate and is whining and barking at all the noise.  It may be a long night unless she settles down and goes to sleep.  She is still very much a puppy.

We went back to the same Cracker Barrel that we went to the last time we were here in town, and had the Mother's Day celebration meal.  Loyce had a fish entree which was a special for the day, and I had the hamburger steak.  Not a bad meal, but not really special either.

We drove around this town for a while after we left the restaurant, since going back to the stinky motel room didn't seem appealing.  This is the home of Arkansas State University, and the college seems to be a thriving operation.  The downtown was very old and mostly vacant, but the business out here on the highway are mostly new.

It is a convenient stop for us before we reach Memphis and all the related traffic and hullabaloo of getting thru there.  We will try and slip thru there after rush hour tomorrow morning.  And of course they have a bunch of construction.

Time to go lights out here so I will sign out for now!

Retired Rod


  1. Those so-called extra charges for everything are really annoying. Some of those are even beginning to creep into a lot of RV parks.

    Hope you get through Memphis without being affected by any flooding. I heard the Mississippi may crest there this afternoon.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  2. We are hoping to find a pet friendly motel somewhere in the middle of Kansas right off of 70. We will be taking Rusty with us when we visit Colorado this year in the truck, without the RV. Do you look on line or do you know of any??


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