Saturday, May 7, 2011

Plans and a bike ride.

I think we have determined that the motor home will be complete by Monday or Tuesday.  And since it takes a couple of days to drive to Alabama, we will try to leave on Sunday or so.  We really don't like to stay in a motel, so we will drive as far as possible.

But it is too far to do in one day, unless you flat out kill yourself, and we won't do that for pleasure.  Makes no sense at all.

That leaves us finding a pet friendly motel somewhere in South Missouri or North Arkansas.  We can stay in the coach once we get to the campground even if they aren't done with it.  But we will have to get there before 4:30, because the gals that work in the office go home by then, and it could get locked up in the bays.

So its a plan anyway.  

Today was in the 70s here and about beautiful.  Loyce and I mowed the lawn in anticipation of our travel.  She ran the trim mower, while I used mr john deere.  I did a little weed whacking and we called it complete.

After lunch, she was going shopping, and that was my excuse to jump on the motorscooter and head out.  First to Wendy's, and then over to our local Suzuki dealership.  I didn't buy anything, but rather just checked out the new bikes and overall made sure that they were still doing business this year.  The owner said they had been there for thirty years, and that they would bury him out back somewhere when he passed.  LOL

Well from there, I headed out into the country West of Olathe, over toward the old ammunition plant.  This was a bullet and powder factory for world war II and was used during Viet Nam too.  It covers about 10 square miles out in the country, and has no signs to let you know what it is.  Lots of no trespassing and keep out signs, with the federal seal on them.  Think G men in the bushes!!

From there, I went South and circled back to the West side of Olathe, and then thru town to our house.  About a 50 mile circle.  It was 77 degrees, but the wind had me leaning over toward the South to stay going straight.  That wouldn't be so hard, except that it was really gusty, and the lean had to vary with the gusts.

We had more roofers ringing the door bell again tonight.  The neighborhood is crawling with them.  They seem so broken hearted when you tell them you have already signed a contract with someone else.  I told one fellow he was a day late, and he was distraught, because my neighbor from across the street had sent him over.  They usually give $100 as a referral fee.  This is one of the neighbors that isn't too keen on the motorhome out in the street, when we bring it over here to load it up.  

But I'm his buddy, when he thinks I'm worth a referral fee.  LOL

Retired Rod

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  1. Isn't it amazing how many friends you have when money is involved? :)


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