Friday, May 6, 2011

On to the roof estimate!

Today was the roof company fellow.  He didn't estimate the roof at all, he just wanted a copy of the adjusters settlement.  He will take it home and calculate all that is wrong with it and seek additional monies before he starts.

Now that implies that he can't come close to replacing the roof for what they estimated.  So therefore he won't start until he gets a lot more from them.  At least that is how I read it.  They use some satellite image to estimate the size and slope of your shingles, and they didn't even climb up and look at the roof.

I have no idea if this is normal.....  But then I didn't give him any money, all I did was sign the contract to let them do the work for a yet to be determined amount.  I suppose he could write in a million dollars and hold me to it, but then that's what lawyers are for.  Who knows?

Otherwise we had Delaney our 4 year old grad daughter over here today, and she was having fun going everywhere with grandma.  Especially when they went to McDonalds and the play land  over in the shopping center on our corner.  That kept them out of our hair while I was working with the insurance guy.

It rained most of the afternoon, and it was really quite cool outside.  Way too cool to do anything that required outdoor time, so the computer entertained me again.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I can't drink anymore, so it is just a memory for me, but perhaps you could celebrate it for me.

Retired Rod


  1. Interesting roof process. Hope the roofer gets what he wants from the insurance company!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too! I'll just celebrate with a Coke Zero! Wish I had a Burrito to go with it though!

  2. I sure wouldn't have signed nothing..... Hope you know the roofer and he is local and reputable... A bunch of bum roofers come to town when a hail storm hits the area,,,,and some are crooked as a hounds tooth... Contrary to Mr Rick above, I hope your adjuster gets the roofer to a fair price.... it will all come out in the wash....You'll do OK. Your agent wants YOU happy, so lean on him....he gets a bunch of your premium too ya know.... i just hate to go back to south dakota,,cause I feel its gona be a "hail" of a summer....I hate hail!! nobody wins!


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