Sunday, May 8, 2011

The various stories about the roof damages in our area.

I think it is interesting about how the various insurance companies are adjusting the houses here on our street.  My neighbors have various stories about how damaged their roofs are.  My next door neighbor has damage on only the West side of his roof and it was under 5K.

And since it was a smaller amount they wrote him a check on the spot.   Ours was a big deal, and we had to wait about a week for the check.  And we have to prove that we had it fixed as well, but then it is for about twice the money.

Ya just can't convince me that the neighbor's adjuster doesn't know the entire roof is damaged.  He just judged my young neighbor as a fellow that will cash the check and do nothing about fixing the damage.  So they rip off a smaller price settlement and see if it will make the claimant happy.  Blinded by cash in hand so to speak.

The neighbor across the street spent quite a bit of time telling me that his damage is only on one side as well.  He hopes to get a quick check and pocket it too.  They are being played by the adjusters and the insurance companies.  Sorry Mike out in Congress, Az, but that is how it appears from here.  Just get the release signed for as little as possible, and be done with it.

I think I had just better stay the heck out of the other folks troubles, for now.  I will just get myself into more trouble.  And in ten years I will more than likely not be here to see it when they wonder how come their roof is so bad.  They were thirty year shingles when it was built!!!  By then it will take 20K to replace the roof.  That $4500 check they pocketed will seem rather small at that point in time.

I'm not sure what we did today, but it seemed to take all day anyway.  I was gathering stuff to get ready to head back to Red Bay.  I rode the motorscooter over to the post office and mailed off the insurance checks to the bank to be deposited,  since I will have to write the payment check to Tiffin on about Tuesday.

I also dug up the sprinkler box in the front yard and turned on the watering system.  It was off at the stop.  I had the drains closed by the fellow that blew out the system with air last fall, so all I had to do was turn it back on.  Then I ran each zone in turn to blow out the air and see if all the heads worked.  We seemed to not have any broken pieces, as all worked well.  Bring on the big watering bills!!!

Oh, and I went over and got a mothers day card for Loyce.  She always says, "I'm not your mother."  But I know she likes the cards just the same.  Maybe we can stop somewhere on the road for a nice lunch or dinner in honor of the occasion.

They came and put one of those roofing company signs in our front yard this morning, and that stopped the door knockers cold in their tracks.  That was a relief, as I was getting tired of answering the door bell so many times!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Sorry about your roof, Rod. Perhaps that is the reason why some people prefer doing their own roofing, instead; but it still pays to ask some help from contractors. Anyways, it was nice that you gave Loyce a greeting card. It's actually kinda sweet. Keep safe!


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