Friday, May 27, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Just a quick note to say that I see that everyone is complaining about blogger and comments.  I am using windows 7 tonight on the lap top, and Chrome as a browser.  In the last few days I have had no problems commenting on blogs running blogger.  I think it is because Chrome is Google, and so is Blogger.  They seem to be compatible with each other.

So as a last resort, try using chrome to read and comment on blogs.  And erase all of your history and cookies, as well.  Perhaps I have just been lucky, but as a last resort it can't hurt to have another browser loaded.  Oh and as a disclaimer, I have found programs where Chrome won't work either, so I have Firefox on here as well.

We are in Lake Ozark tonight, getting ready for the kids and grandkids to arrive for the big holiday weekend.  It started sunny back in KC today, but it was still cooler at about 60ish.  But when we got down here to Central Missouri, the sun went under and it seems rather cold.

On the way down here we avoided the town of Sedalia, Missouri, since the emergency officials had requested that folks stay away as much as they could.  They did take a tornado strike last night, of an EF-2.  I understand that they have a 3/4 mile wide swath of damage and destruction right thru the South side of their town.  At least there were no deaths, but I read that there were 25 folks injured.  We obliged the request to stay away, and traveled to the South on the next highway that crosses the state.

We evidently had some wind here as well, since leaves and branches were all over the place.  I had just been here on Monday, and it wasn't like that then.  That will give us a project to get ready for our company.

I do hope it warms up a bit, as we are looking forward to trying out the new jet ski this weekend, but perhaps the weather man has other plans.

It takes so much stuff to pull off one of these holiday weekends we had to drive the Ford Pickup truck down here.  It has a topper on the back, and that covers the bed, so rain was not a problem.  The floor of the truck bed is not sealed completely so sometimes we get a little water from the wheels of the truck, but for the most part it is dry back there.  We have thought we would sell the truck for the last couple of years, but never actually do it.  Just when you think you don't need it, an item needs to be moved that doesn't fit in the cars.

Lets hope tomorrow will be sunny and a tad warmer.

Retired Rod

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  1. Here's hoping for sunny weather for your family's Memorial Day weekend, enough of these tornadoes already. Glad to hear your lake property escaped serious damage as well.


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