Monday, May 2, 2011

Winter in May?

Its cold here today, as I think winter returned.  Its says May 1st on my computer screen, but with the overcast and cloudy conditions, it could say November 1st just as easy.  I'm not sure we every made 50 degrees, and when I went out to get a sandwich tonight it was 46.

I am sure we will be getting warmer one of these days, but my poor motorscooter has almost the same mileage on it now as when we returned from Arizona.

I sat here in my recliner today and did internet stuff all day.  Funny how when the weather is bad the computer seems to fill in the gap like that.  In the early evening I spent an hour or so with a friend up in DesMoines on the phone.  He is one of my Dayton, Ohio Hamfest buddies, and we were plotting how I might be able to go, if I left from KC and went directly.

Just one of those days.  I thought about my sons out in the campground packing up their belongings in the cool rain, and decided that is was a good thing that the motorhome is down at the factory in Red Bay, or otherwise it would have been me out there stowing stuff for the drive home too.

Retired Rod

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  1. It seems as if spring is a bit late in coming all over the place. We had a pretty good weekend and I thought, aha!! But, it poured rain this morning and we're back to cool weather. At least the grass isn't growing as fast as it usually does this time of year.


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