Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reunited with our rolling home!

We are back in Alegro Campground in Red Bay, Alabama.  The trip here was totally uneventful even when we drove thru Memphis.  The Mississippi river is beyond full, and the river front area that is referred to as the port, was completely under water.

As we approached the bridge from the West side of the river, water was well beyond where it would have normally been.  If there were to be another 5 or 6 feet, the water would go over the road in places, but it is reported that the crest will be tomorrow and be about 14 feet above what is considered normal level.

Much of Arkansas is also under water, and we saw signs that I 40 was closed to the West, and read on the internet that it was at the White River bridge, but since we didn't turn West, we can not report on it.

We didn't see much devastation from the tornadoes until we reached  Belmont, Ms where one of the Tiffin factories is located.  We did see some buildings that were heavily damaged, but they were not Tiffin's factories, but some older commercial stuff to the North of town.  What ever did that damage, was a narrow but powerful thing.  Stuff was just in splinters and the grass was mostly gone as well.

The employees here at the plant indicated that the damage is like that all over.  Stuff is just gone for a little ways, and then just like that the damage ends.  Red Bay seems to be here just as before, but does have roofs with big blue tarps over the missing shingles.

Our rig was still in the paint booth, as they were buffing out the clear application on the basement doors.  But we were able to take it to a camp site by about 4PM and we happily moved in.  Yea, no more motel.....

We didn't do too well in the motel, as it kept Biscuit up for most of the night, which kept us awake as well.  And then as we did finally get settled, she heard the next door guy get ready to leave at 5 AM.  Starting at about 6, it was a regular parade of folks slamming their doors and starting the cars parked across the sidewalk from our door.

We kind of waited it all out and then went back to sleep for about an hour starting at 7:30, but we were out and on the road by 9 AM.

After some lunch in Northern Mississippi, we arrived here about 2.

We have some questions for the folks about things that we had fixed, and we need to settle the bill in the morning, so we may not get out of here too quickly.

Retired Rod

Pidge asked about finding a Pet friendly Hotel, and that is exactly what I type into google.  Say " pet friendly hotel wichita.  It seems to pop up an available list in short order.  We found that the up charge for the dog, was $10 in all the ones we called.  Price fixing?


  1. Drury Hotels have a pet friendly policy. The only exception is if local law prohibits it.

  2. Glad to see you're back in your MH. Your post reminds me of all the reasons why I hope we never have to stay in motels again!

  3. I always use Motel 6 because they accept pets and there is never an extra charge. I ask them to find me a room in the back of the property or near the dog walk, if there is one. The only problem I ever had was at the Motel 6 in Russellville, Arkansas, and they refused to allow me to stay with two dogs (I had Mandy and Lady then). Needless to say, I won't ever stop at russellville again. I have also stayed at a LaQuinta that didn't charge me extra for the dog.

  4. Thanks Rod, and to everyone else for the help on finding Dog friendly motels.


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