Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday in the Neighborhood

It was over 90 here today, and I am declaring that summer is here.  It was a shorts kind of a day.

I went out and raked some of the dead grass out of the yard.  It accumulates when the grass is mowed when it is so wet.  Perhaps it will dry out some.  But here in Kansas, we go from drowning to no rain at all overnight.

I was off riding the scoot again this afternoon. With no particular destination in mind, just putting along in the neighborhoods.  Our residential neighborhoods are endless, so you have to watch where you are or you could get lost.  Well until you come out to a fast moving thru street.  They are every mile.

We are hanging tight here as we wait to become grandparents again, since we will have to take care of the four year old while that happens.  Slow days for sure.

Retired Rod

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