Sunday, December 20, 2009

Annual Cookie Party

Today was the annual cookie party for making of Christmas Cookies at our house.  This is not a serious cook off, since the chefs are a tad young to make any real quantity of cookies, and they tend to eat the fruits of their labors as fast as they come out of the oven.

But we partied well into the afternoon, beyond most nap times.  I think the six month old went down sometime after lunch, but she was hanging in there as well as any of the others.

Once the cookies were made, we cleaned up and made pizza for everyone.  I say we, but it was actually the daughters in law making the pizza.  I was in charge of the eating part.


In the late afternoon, Loyce and I headed out to do some more of the Christmas shopping at a mall about 10 miles away from here.  It is an old fashioned interior corridor mall from years ago, and it struggles to attract customers.  One of the anchor stores had the product we were looking for, so we parked and went in.

Tonight we went to a Chinese buffet here in the Olathe area.  It is small and not the newest, but we like the food spread of the tables.  I always eat way too much in these places, and today was no exception.

Retired Rod


  1. Good Morning Rod & Loyce... Great day making cookies with the grands... Always FUN!!! As for buffets we always say we're only going to eat 1 plate BUT nooooo we are always stuffed too... Not good for us!!! Have a super day with your family & friends.

    Travel Safe


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