Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cold again and late night Wal Mart

I was just over at Wal Mart, and some guy got out of the car in his gym shorts and a T shirt.  He had rubber shower thongs on for shoes.  He casually strolled into the store from his car.  Wow, we had frontal passage this afternoon, and it is now 12 F.  That's -11 C.

I was incredulous, pointing him out to the door greeter.  She said that there is a fitness place across the street to the East, and folks workout heavily, and are all hot so they come over to the store and walk around cooling off.  Well,,,,,OoooKay then.  He was wandering around shopping like it was 90 outside.  Sure took me back to watch him.

Now me, on the other hand, had my winter coat and gloves and a ball hat on.  I was still shivering because the Wal Mart is only about a mile away and the car didn't warm up in that short of a run.

I often do some shopping in the middle of the night, since the only folks in the store are the night stockers. 

Today was spent on the telephone getting a return authorization number for an expensive Christmas present that I ordered on the internet.  I opened the package, and it was broke!   So now it has to go back, and they will send another after the holidays.  But we won't be here, so we will have to do the change address to the RV park thing and that will be trouble. 

But it had to be re wrapped and the letter written to explain what was wrong, and then over to the shipping store, and insured.  Pain in the .............

You would think I would learn not to order stuff from the internet,,,,,,,but nooooooo.

So now I will be missing that gift, and will have to think of something else.  I love Christmas.  Ho Ho Ho..

Retired Rod


  1. Geez Rod, that sarcasm isn't like you is it? I can wait until after Christmas for my gift this year... I won't be mad, I promise...

  2. Your story reminds of seeing those nuts in the stands with their shirts off at Lambeau Field, during Packer games in sub-zero weather! I don't care what they say - they must be freezing or so full of anti-freeze(alcohol) they can't feel a thing! Maybe some warm weather will be heading south as it's in the mid-40F's up here today on Vancouver Island. Might even get into the 50's by Friday!


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