Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Arrive!

I am sitting in the motorhome on the couch in Mesa, Arizona.  We didn't arrive here until after dark, so it was never really warm for us today.  I did see 59 on the dash temp in the car as we came down from the mountains to the North, but as darkness arrived, the temps receeded.

We spent the night emptying the car and setting up the rig for use again. We had put in the slides and rolled up all the hoses when we left, so that had to be re deployed.  We found everything just as we had left it.  So far everything seems to be working.

We headed over to the What a burger for a take home sandwich, since neither one of us could even think about cooking.

Tonight, I spent some time getting the direct tv satellite going and now its time to sleep!

After 1300 miles in 2 days, I am betting sleep will be easy to find!

Retired Rod


  1. 1200 miles in two days is a lot of driving, and you need to take a well-deserved rest! Glad you made it safely.

  2. Glad to hear ou arrived safely! It will be nice to have some sun and warmer weather for a change!


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