Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nothing doing here!

What do you write about when you have spent the day looking out the sliding door at complete overcast and visibility under a mile?  I could barely see the opposite side of the cove, let alone see the dam three miles away.

Rain and more cold rain.  All day long.  And when it was raining that hard, the TV signal faded to pixelations that resembled storm radar.  Then the infamous no signal information box.  I gave up on it anyway since it was daytime soaps.  I buried my head in the computer screen and browsed and browsed.  Come on, someone post something!  For once my blog reading is completely up to date.

I read blogs that were listed as favorites on all the other folks sidebars.  I usually don't do that because I follow too many blogs the way it is, and there are soo many good RV blogs, I could read forever.

In the afternoon, I went into Wal Mart for some interaction with other people.  It is really quiet and desolate here in the winter.  I didn't buy anything important, but at least I got to talk to some folks.  It was Wendy's for a late sandwich, and then back home!

Tonight the TV came back on for a while, so I watched the News and Entertainment tonight, before becoming bored with all the Tiger Woods coverage.  Who cares?

It has been above freezing here all day with a high of about 43 degrees late in the afternoon.  So we got rain instead of the many feet of snow that folks were getting to our North.  We are lucky in that respect, but tonight it is to get a lot colder, and snow 1 to 3 inches.  By morning they are talking strong winds with gusts in the 37 mile per hour range.

I parked the truck up on top of the hill, just in case it should get worse than predicted.  I hope to leave in the morning.

Retired Rod


  1. I know what you mean about having nothing to do and looking for yet more blogs to read!

  2. It's cold here today so I'm keeping myself occupied by doing the same thing - reading a lot of blogs!


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