Sunday, December 13, 2009

More ham wires and Grandkids.

As hams, we don't sit down and build a radio any more like our forefathers did.  Well in the last several years I got hooked on building Elecraft kits, so I guess I was building radios but that's another story.

What we do is wire up the house, and the cars and anything else that moves.  So today was the house's turn to get a little more wire.

The ham shack, (term for room with the radios) is in the basement of our house, but I seem to never go use them there.  Its more of an office for doing accounting work and tax returns.

We can't have much in the way of antennas outside here in the neighborhood, (I cheat a little) so I have a dual band UHF/VHF antenna in the attic.  That wire ends up down in the ham shack.  But it would sure be nicer in the winter if it was up here in the hearth room.  That's a lot warmer.

I have been reluctant to drill the nasty hole in the hardwood floor.  Suffer the wrath of the boss lady, devalue the house and goodness knows what else.  So today I fed the wire down along the heater vent registers.  I don't know why I hadn't thought of this earlier, but it came to mind in the beginning of the week.  The wire ends up down in the shack and connects upstairs to downstairs.

I don't know how that could have taken up most of the afternoon, but it did.  Well, I did bring up that Christmas tree, that I was asked for last week.  Perhaps that counts as a positive.

So tonight I am arm chair connected to the distant world with only the addition of a single wire behind some of the furniture.  Yea!

On the grandkid front, we had two of them here overnight last night, and have all three of the other family here tonight.  So in the last two days we have had all five.  Man that keeps the house noisy and hopping all day long. 

Its quiet now, but they will be awake before dawn!!!!!!!!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Women sure have a habit of putting dents in men's well thought out plans sometimes!!

  2. The only 'ham' thing I know how to make is a sandwich! Sounds like fun with all the grandkids around - enjoy the holidays!


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