Saturday, December 12, 2009

A lot warmer

Ok, I gota quit bellyachin about the weather.  We reached 39F today, and the sun was out all day.  A lot of our snow melted, or evaporated from the streets, and our yard started to peak thru around the edges.

But my bit about the freezer door performed just like it was supposed to.  I managed to get a few comments out of my Canadian friends that I hadn't heard from for a few days, and some of the regulars too.

I really do wonder how folks in our neighboring country to the North manage to stay positive during these long winter months.  And no I don't blame Albertians even though they do send us those darned "Clippers" in the winter.

The difference in living this far South, (Kansas) is that we do warm back up every now and then which nicely melts the snow, and we get to start over.

When I was an auditor in my previous life, I had the opportunity to travel to North Dakota where they introduced me to the idea of "snirt."   Yes snow and dirt mixed together, and it didn't melt or go away until spring!

So today melted off our snirt and we get to start over.

Tonight we went to the annual ham club Christmas party.  And as usual, I sat at the RVers table!  Ya its kind of sad, but even in the ham club, we sat around and talked about where we had been and are going in our RVs.  Other folks get tired of us and float to different tables.

I made the same bacon spinich cheese dip from last year, and when it was time to go home, I went to get the crock pot and it had been scraped clean inside.  One of the men had taken crackers from other folks cheese trays and litterally scraped the inside of the pot.

A second lady came up to me and wanted to know if I had made the dip or my wife.  When she found out that I made it she had to have the recipe.  I was flattered.  As copied from last years blog:

In the 4 quart crock pot I put the following.

1 1/2 Lbs Velveeta cubed
8 Oz Cream Cheese cubed
12 strips of bacon crumbled
1 can of Rotel Original Tomatoes
8 Oz chopped Frozen Spinach

Just because I am a guy, I doubled up the bacon.  But beware it makes it way more salty.  Maybe there is low salt bacon?  Chop up the spinach more than it is in the package.  Think really fine.  Cook for 45 minutes on high and then 15 more on low after things are melted.  This will burn because of the cream cheese, so go to the warm setting if you want it to keep for very long.

I've never had that problem once I've set it out on the table.

Retired Rod


  1. Yummo Rod!!! I will be copying that one so I can serve it at our Happy Hours... Always looking for something new to make and this sounds like it would be a hit. Glad you had fun at the Christmas party and glad you’re handling the weather... Have a fun filled day my friend!

    Travel Safe

  2. Glad to see it warming up down there. It's warmer here too out on the west coast, so that's nice. I'll be copying that recipe too, as it looks like something even I can make.


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