Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back at the shack

Sitting in my easy chair in Kansas City, reflecting on the 1170 mile trip over the last two days.

I never plugged in the GPS for any directions or information.  We were never lost or headed in the wrong direction.  The weather was never a problem, although I was concerned when we went over the mountain in Arizona.

The breakfast in Tucumcari at the EconoLodge left something to be desired this morning.  When we had the doggie pal we had to stay at the Motel 6.  They didn't have any breakfast.  The lodge was about $12 more, and not so spartan.  But the cold cereal and toast seemed bleak.  I guess we had coffee and juice too.  Not much different than at home. LOL.

We drove hard all day, stopping in Liberal, KS for a subway sandwich.  Then all afternoon across Kansas to Wichita.  Arrived exactly at 5 PM for their rush hour.  Nice!

Loyce drove to Emporia, as I had a power nap.  $4 toll on the turnpike, but she had the needle burried while I slept. 

After a Hardee burger at an Emporia interchange, I drove on to KC.  Arriving about 8:30 tonight. 

Just a stroll in the park!  I think I am beyond tired, but too wound up to go to bed.

The heat was set at 50, when we arrived, but I switched on the emergency side which is natural gas.  It is after midnight, and the unit has never shut off.  If I had left it on the heat pump, we would have never made the mid 60's before morning.  The outside temp is 39.  That won't improve much in the weeks to come!

Retired Rod

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