Thursday, December 3, 2009

A change of decor!

Decorations?  What decorations, oh you mean that pumpkin stuff?  I hadn't noticed.  Put it away, what's wrong with it?

It's Christmas now!  Oh ya, that's right, it's cold outside.  So that's how the conversation went this morning.

Loyce was hard at packing up all the Halloween stuff and we are bare of decor tonight.  That won't last long as we will be in full dress with Santa and the tree and so forth.

I will get pushed to bring up the tree tomorrow, before the day is out.  I'll try to ignore it for part of the day, but it won't do any good. LOL.

Our neighbors have their outdoor lights put up by commercial companies that custom make the light strings to exact lengths.  This is costly, in the multiple hundreds of dollars.  A waste of diesel fuel budget, so I refuse to participate.

The housing sub division requires that all lights be down by the first week of January, but by then I hope to be back in Arizona.  We'll have to enjoy the neighbors lights.

I had a down day which is normal after large travel days.  I started the pickup truck and drove it over into Missouri.  Drove past my barber's shop but the place was swamped.  I deciced not to stop, perhaps tomorrow.

Otherwise I went thru a months mail and paid a few bills.  Normal stuff for returning home.

The temperature on the weather station here at our house is reporting 30 right now!  A loss of 9 degrees since last night.  I have on a knit long sleeve shirt and a sweat shirt.

My blood is still thin from being in the warm climate of the West!  Perhaps I will get more used to it by the weekend.

Retired Rod


  1. It seems to be cold everywhere right now. This morning, it's 32F here and I'm looking out at the first frost we've seen this year. Time to head south!

  2. It is pretty chilly here too.... 28 last night and expected 23 tonight... Love the place your at now... Beautiful lot! Have fun and travel safe!


  3. I haven't strung lights at Christmas for years, but I am starting to think how nice and cheery they would look on my RV. Thinking about it is as far as I will get though.


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