Saturday, December 19, 2009

Picasa and computer lookin!

Ok, I spent some more time messing with Picasa again today and I think it makes more sense to me now.  I am used to seeing my files in the format that XP displays them on Explorer.  I have used these explorer programs since I originally put a hard drive on a Tandy Radio Shack computer back in the 1980's.

So naturally, that has become the way it should be in my mind.  Windows picked up on the tree format, only after a number of aftermarket companies wrote programs that were successful sellers.  I used Xtree for years on the MS Dos OS's prior to windows.

The changes to the setup of Picasa are not complicated to get it back to something more normal, or usual.  I think they are attempting to do the flat display to eliminate the sub directories as they feel that is confusing to the multitudes.  To me, that makes me loose all the structure that I have worked hard to create.

The first thing I did was   View---Folder View---Tree   This gets rid of Flat View, or change it back if you like the way it was.  I really wanted rid of Flat View!

Then I did    View---Folder View---Sort by Name  This gets rid of sorting by creation date and alphabetizes it like explorer did.  Again you can experiment with the four selections to see what works for you.

And just like that, the Picasa program looks and feels like Explorer.  And now you know where your pictures are really going when you import (download) from your card.  You will never have to go back to the Pictures tab on Vista, or My pictures directory in XP again.  You  can do it all from Picasa.

Another thing that Mrs Geek suggested was to do View---Thumbnail Caption---Filename  Changing from None, places the files name under each picture in the library view.  Of course you can mess with all the others and see if Filename is right for you, but I would bet right now you won't change it back to none.

Boy I am flying high changing stuff and editing pictures with I'm feeling lucky as a minimum. But it says I have 6000 photos on my hard drive. Man that means I got a lot of work ahead of me.

That's enough of Picasa, so this afternoon I did some serious shopping for man type toys.  I went to a Computer Store.  We used to have CompUSA here in KC, but they went broke and were purchased by TigerDirect.  Our store closed completely.  That's where I bought the laptop I am typing on. A hp.

We now have a Micro Center, which is like a Fry's out in the Western states. They have almost more than can be comprehended.  I looked and looked.  My wallet never came out to purchase anything, as I always use the two visit rule on big ticket items.  Think about stuff overnight, and then if it is still a burr under your saddle..........

They had some really spiffy computers in there..........    hp's too......  All had windows 7 on them.  That's a $300 go by itself when you come from XP.  And I need more memory, and a faster processor to run 7.

Why did I go in there?

Retired Rod 


  1. I see a new computer in your future - maybe for Christmas? Good tips to pass on about Picasa too, the file structure is so important for organizing pictures and I agree completely with your method of using what we have become familiar with for years.

  2. Oh your subconscious mind is screaming NEW computer... I am needed more space and speed too but this computer is only a year old... I love just looking at all the new toys BUT then I want... Have a great day!
    Travel Safe

  3. You are very disciplined to wait for the second visit. I wish I had the patience to fool with Picasa, but I've never liked it and didn't have the patience to fool with it like you have and tweak it the best way for me to use. Don't know that I ever will, but my hat's off to you for getting there!


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