Sunday, December 27, 2009

More shoveling

Today started with another 5 inches of new snow on top of what we already had.  I'm not so sure it was new snow, but wind driven re arranged snow.  But in any event, we had to shovel all of it again.  Wet and heavy, it made me pant like a dog.

I kept at it, until my back was almost gone, but still I couldn't get the car to go up our angled driveway.  I had backed it down to clean in front of it and now it was in the way to get the truck out of the drive.

We had a wimpy snow plow go once down the middle of the street and back, which made a path about a car width to get thru.  Then the garbage truck showed up and got stuck in the cul de sac.  I kept on shoveling.

Finally I started the truck and blasted backwards over the yard.  Ya gota love four wheel drive!  But now there was not much of a place to park.  I headed out to the local auto zone for new wiper blades as the snow ripped mine to pieces.

At the zone, almost all the blades were sold out.  Seems that everyone had the same problem.  The nice salesman came out and installed them on my truck, telling me he had already completed about 50 such installs.  Of course he was really quick at it.

When I got back to the house, Chris, my oldest son had arrived and completed much of the shoveling, where I gave up.  Boy was that a relief!

The rest if the day was spent transferring picture files onto the new computer.  I used a thumb drive selecting very carefully the exact directories and files that would move.  I ended up with about 5,000 pictures on the new machine.  I do have a portable hard drive, and could have done it faster, but the edit wouldn't have been as good, so slower seemed better.

 Oh Drat!

As it began to get dark, mother nature began to pull a dirty trick on us.  She started her snow machine again.  I gota get out a here!!!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. You may have to wait for the spring thaw now.....

  2. Be careful with shoveling snow. Us retired folk need to take it a little easier, and shoveling is hard work. I hope you can escape to better weather soon.

  3. Wow you really got pounded with the snow... we only got about 5 inches and it hasn't snowed since... The only problem is the water when it melts freezes up at night and is slippy in the morning... Must have missed the NEW computer post... What did you get??? Have fun & travel safe...

    Happy New Year Rod & Loyce

  4. Donna, we bought a HP 15.6 inch laptop with Windows 7 on it.
    Post is here:
    Or just go back to Dec 23, where the money burnt a big hole in my jeans. I blame that on the Christmas spirit, LOL!

  5. There must be an easier way to get rid of that sn*w in your driveway? Don't they make a lawnmower thingy that will shoot it out of the way for you?
    I know everyone needs exercise, but not that kind!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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