Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kicken back in Arizona

The big travel days always have their following down days!  Since we had two big travel days back to back, we owe ourselves two really good down days.  So true to form, we had the first of our down days today.

Well we really didn't just hang around the motorhome today, but went about our normal day shopping and restocking the rig.  We had let supplies dwindle to only things that could be frozen before we left after Thanksgiving, so the cupboards were bare.  Wal Mart run!

We did sleep in until about 8 AM since we were really suffering from road fatigue, but after that it was game on.  I had to write the recap blog in the morning, but then we headed out.  Loyce did the shopping, and I headed over to the car wash to scrub off the snow storm from East of Albuquerque.

Of course that brought on the rain.  It was sunny for most of the morning, and we had reached about 60 by mid afternoon, and the weatherman promised on TV that the snow storm would stay up in the mountains in the Northeast portion of the state.  Wrong.

It clouded over and by about 5 in the afternoon, we had a breif rain squall.  Just enough to rain dusty mud drops all over the clean car. 

Tonight has been man versus food on the TV, where we have watched the shows star take on the food challenges all over the country and for the most part win them.  I gained about ten pounds watching!

So sunny and overcast with a little rain sprinkled in, and that finished us out.  All I have needed all day is a light spring jacket.  Bring on more Arizona!

Retired Rod

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  1. Happy New Year Rod & Loyce... Have a GREAT rest day!!! Have fun and keep safe ☺


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