Monday, December 14, 2009

Sleepin In

I was a bad boy this morning, as I closed the bedroom door and put the pillow over my head skipping the grandkid breakfast entirely.  They sounded like a hurricane in the lower floor of the house, but I managed to doze thru all but the loudest shrieks.

That is a product of staying up way too late messing with the computers.  I had spent last evening in the RV-Dreams chat room, staying to the very end.  Then the blog needed to be written, and the evening became morning.

I did hang out with our oldest grandson thru the lunch hour, as we had chili mac and hot dogs.  This gave grandma the opportunity to slip away for her shower.

As usual, Sunday turned into a watch sports on the TV day as I am slowly making the transition to the basketball games from football.

Therefore I know absolutely nothing about what happened in the real world for the entire afternoon and evening.  So with that admission I'll just end this off for the day.

Retired Rod

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  1. Just so you know, Rod, nothing happened in the real world yesterday - same old, same old. So, you didn't miss anything and probably enjoyed the day more!


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