Saturday, December 5, 2009

What time is it?

I've been sitting here reading the latest issue of the FMCA magazine, and lost all sense of time.  Its now well after midnight, and all sensible people are fast asleep.  But then I have never been sensible!

Again today has been cold here in KC, As I left the house in mid afternoon, it was barely 32 or freezing outside.  I am still cold even with ample jackets on.  It seems that as fall slowly arrives, our bodies adjust to the increasing cold, but we went to warmer Arizona.

But now in the course of two days we came back to the cold.  The weather station says 19 degrees as I type here.

Today was Friday, and I can't help but wonder what the soup was at the Mesa Spirit Country Store.  Such thoughts only amplify the empty feelings of sitting in KC without outside activities.  So I shall not not allow these thoughts.

So I headed over to the men's barber shop on the Missouri side of town.  Determined, I vowed to stay no matter how long the wait.  With four barbers, the waiting folks were served in about a half an hour, as I was number five in line.  Some of the guys have a specific barber they are waiting for, which extends their stay, but that allowed me to jump ahead in line!  I have had haircuts from all four of the fellows, and have never been disappointed.

By late afternoon, I was back home getting caught up with blogs, and Loyce suggested a burger at Fuddruckers, so I was in on that one.  I try not to go there soooo much, but about once a week seems to be the norm.

So try not to read the FMCA magazine late at night as it will cause loss of sleep for sure!

Retired Rod

FMCA= Family Motor Coach Assn, but then you knew that!

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