Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daycare at Grandpa's

Grandpa daycare.  Loyce needed to go out and do more crowd time at the shopping malls, but she had agreed to take our four year old for the night last night and today.  That's where I became volunteered.  Not that I wasn't willing, but I wasn't informed as to the extent I would be pressed into service.

So today didn't exist for me.  I was free after the late afternoon, but I had watched three full length kiddie movies by that time.    We were headed into the fourth (Snow White) but I was rescued by her mommy.  We did have a good time, but I usually have trouble sitting thru one adult show.  (Frazzled?)

By 4:30, I was over looking at computers at the local Best Buy store.  Again they had a bunch of nice machines for reasonable prices.  Decisions, don't ya just hate having to commit to something, knowing it will turn out to be non compatible with your next project six months down the road?

A good example of that is the Camry Toyota that we bought in Arizona last winter.  Now with the motorhome, it can not be towed four wheels down, no matter what.  No oil pump or other optional device to get you by.  Just can't do it period.  So it was absolutely a wrong decision.

At least we are progressing orderly toward Christmas, and then returning to the desert.  My neighbor called from the RV park today to tell me that I had a package in the mail box, and in the process I learned that all was well in Mesa. Isn't it interesting that in the RV world we trust a neighbor that we only met several weeks back, with our rig and all the stuff in it?

It is supposed to be really cold by Christmas and snow here and North up toward Des Moines, which is exactly where we had hoped to go.  That seems about normal.

Tonight is the shortest day of daylight for the year.  The beginning of winter.  Funny it seems like that started a few weeks back.  But from here on, the days become longer,  Yea!!!

Retired Rod

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  1. Good Morning Rod and Loyce, Sounds like you had enough kiddie movies to last for a while... LOL As far as making decisions with a car it is really important as to how to tow it but for a computer it is are all your other devices & programs compatible... We had good luck when we went to Vista... Almost everything we had worked... No problems but I had friends who had to get new printers and programs... So GOOD luck on your choice! It will all be good.

    Travel Safely


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