Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back to KC

I'm back in KC.  I left the lake at about noon, with overcast skies and wind in the thirties.  It had snowed the inch or more that was forecast.

I was really glad I had left the truck up in the street the night before, as the rain had frozen into a bunch of big blotches of black ice.  The drive is inclined at least 45 degrees, so with snow on top of the ice, even 4x4 would have been useless.

It is such a pain to carry all your stuff up the steep rock landscaping, since the drive is beyond standing on in any slick condition.  But I managed to get loaded after several trips.

The trip home was uneventful and I did begin to see the sun once I was most of the way here.  The high temperature registered on the truck was 14 F.  Not good for December.  As I write this the weather station says 7 degrees.  The furnace is running non stop.  The forecast is for 3 tonight.  -16 C!

We had more snow here in KC than at the lake, so I needed to shovel once I arrived.

I hauled my stuff in and have been sitting next to the electric heater all night.  Lets hope tomorrow warms up some.  Forecast is for 23, but they could be wrong couldn't they?

Retired Rod

P.S.  Will someone shut the freezer door up there in Canada!


  1. Hey Rod, I'd shut the freezer door for you if I could, but it's several hundred miles east of us so I can't quite reach it. I think you're best bet is to head to the southwest right after Christmas!

  2. All the weather we've had the past two days has come from the US midwest! It's been warmer up here in Canada than it has down there!

  3. So this cold streak is the fault of the Canadians, eh? I didn't know who to blame.


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