Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Since it is Christmas and Neil up in Alberta thinks I might tend to be a tad sarcastic, I found the following picture to describe how the festive season is viewed by the merchants here in town!

Not that I am questioning their motives now mind you!  But they want to live off of the fat of the land so to speak.

We had a very nice day today for being this far North in December.  The sun came out and it was in the mid 40's by late in the afternoon.  I had my jacket unzipped and my ball hat in the seat beside me as I drove the pickup over to the carwash.  Man was it dirty, remember I had driven it to the lake and back in the snow storm.  It was covered in sand and road salt.

But only $8 later, it is fairly clean on the outside anyway.  It isn't warm enough to get the vacuum out and do any serious cleaning, but at least it looks shiny from a distance anyway.

From there I headed over to Lowes to get some florescent flood lights for the recessed cans over our kitchen island.  There are six of them on two different switches, and half of them were burned out.  Changing them to compact florescent  reduced the amount of power they draw, and made them brighter to boot.  I had been putting this off for several days, but with the big cookie party coming this Saturday, we have to have light!

Speaking of Cookie Party, Loyce has been hard at work sewing up new aprons and hot pads for the upcoming event.  She brought down a sample of the finished product, and I snapped the picture for the blog.

 She is ready with the commercial cookie cutter kit in the upper right, for each of her participants.   Now we wait for the upcoming mess, as those participants are ages 7 and younger.  Oh, and their mommies too.

I accused her of buying the aprons, but she insists that she made them up from scratch.  What do I know?
I spent the rest of the day buzzing around town in one of the cars that I normally don't drive during the winter.  It had been 8 weeks since it had been started, but I had put a battery charger on it yesterday so it fired right off.  I keep Stabil in the gas for these parked vehicles.  Its the only way to keep cars that you don't drive too often.

Tomorrow is slated to be in the high thirties, but maybe the forecaster will error and be to conservative,  I can hope!

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like so much fun.. Tell Loyce that apron is just beautiful..

  2. I showed Paulette that apron - she loves it! Paulette is an avid quilter too and I find it hard to believe some of the stuff she makes as well. It's great to have some talent in the family, isn't it?

  3. Geez Rod, you are lucky there is someone in your household that gets into the xmas spirit! Thats an amazing Apron Loyce!

    Now Rod, you know as well as I know, that if people like you weren't buying, those retailers wouldn't be selling... There are no underlying motives. Ask anyone of them, there is only one reason to be in business - "to make a profit". They try to make a profit all through the year too, not just at xmas...


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