Friday, December 11, 2009

Grandkid heaven

Well I was right, the weather man was wrong!  I got up to 28 F this afternoon.  Still not above freezing, so the snow didn't melt a bit.  Darn!

It didn't matter, since we had the three year old here for the day.  She was a gem, and played nicely all by herself, except she had gramma and grampa to play with.  What could be better?

So the heaters ran and we ignored them.  Just watching kids shows on the TV and taking naps.  Loyce ducked out to the dentist for a while in the afternoon, but we played while she was gone.

Tomorrow it may get above freezing for a little while, and we may have more grand kids from the other son's family, so life is good.

I have the ham club Christmas party tomorrow night, and I will probably make the same cheese dip from last year.  I put the recpie in the blog, so I will look back and get it.

Let me clarify on that open freezer door, I think it is somewhere up in Alberta!!!!   Anybody still alive up there????

Retired Rod


  1. yes and I just love how the Americans always blame us for everything lol

    I am sending warm thoughts to you thats about all I can do about the weather.

    Brenda Brown

  2. Nothing like a quiet day at home with the grandkids - especially if it's freezing outside. Our granddaughter Mikayla is coming over for a sleepover tonight - should be fun. I have 2 daughters living in Calgary, I'll email and ask them to check on that freezer door again!!

  3. I think the door is actually open here in Northern British Columbia, via another door in Alaska ( 3 hours from here ). We're doing the dance to get it warmer - it is already warmed up to 10 C ( about 42F ) here as of 8:05 am! Don and Kim

  4. Ah - big error ! It is MINUS 10 Celsius ( must be early morning brain ). Don says the freezer door must be broken - are there any parts available in KC?

  5. It is cold here in Arkansas too... Went up to 34 today and the icicles are HUGE... Love the days we have the grands too... Nothing beats it! Have a super duper day my friend...

    Travel Safe

  6. Just think Rod because of your hospitable northern neighbours and especially those Clippers that us ALBERTANS send your way you haven't probably had a mosquito bite in weeks.


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