Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Snow

Christmas Eve storm of 2009, was a hum dinger here in KC!  After talking to the neighbors and my older son, everyone agrees that this is the worst storm for the area in several years.  At least no one remembers one that was worse.

After the kids left last night, we shut the light off and never looked out again.  You could hear the wind, during the night, but since we couldn't do anything about it why worry.

This morning the wind continued, and the snow kept on coming.  Now let me set something straight, by Iowa standards, the storm was about normal.  They routinely receive more snow and faster winds and more often too.  But we moved down here to improve on the Iowa weather, and now we are getting Iowa style snows.  What gives?

Mid day I went out and began to shovel the wet sticky stuff, and the drift was up to the door handle on the Camry.  It goes all the way across our front yard and under the pickup truck.  I managed to clear a one car width path to the sidewalk.  But the streets have not been plowed.  We have one track down the street, where my neighbor with the long box F350 Ford pickup had left and come back .

I suppose I could have put the pickup in four wheel drive and blasted out into the street.  And most likely I could have made it into the tracks in the street and got out of here.  But we had no place to go, since we had decided that travel to Des Moines was fool hardy.

So when the wind began to drift the snow back across the drive that I had just shoveled, I put the shovel back in the garage and came back inside to the fireplace.

We spent the afternoon putting away the Christmas decorations and tonight, I took the tree back to the basement.  There stored for yet another year.

We are discussing the day for our departure to Arizona, but since they had snow all the way down to Texas, we need to cool it while they get the roads cleaned off.  The forecast for Western Kansas and the pan handle of Texas calls for snow on Tuesday of next week, and I hope to be beyond it by then.

Retired Rod


  1. Merry Christmas to your Family from Ours! Take care and be careful on the roads!

  2. Nasty weather, Rod. Hope you make it safely, and quickly, back to the sunshine and warmth of Arizona!


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