Monday, December 21, 2009

Day after the party.

Today was a day of rest after the big party yesterday.  I headed out to Wal Mart to get a few prints of the Cookie Party Collage I posted yesterday.  Loyce hadn't seen the picture, and spotted it on the laptop mid morning.  She enjoyed the shots.

Wal Mart was a complete zoo.  Parking was filled clear out to the extremities of the lot.  I hiked into the store with my little thumb drive on the key chain.  Oddly enough the photo machine was empty.  But I found out why, as I couldn't get it to read my usb drive.

Finally after plugging the drive in several times when the kiosk had reset itself back to home, it read the drive's presence.  I think the machine is set to look for photocards, and it scans all slots first before resorting to the thumb drive.  Or perhaps it has so many miles of use on it that it has become temperamental.  Kind of like me!!!

I realize this could be done on line, but I never seem to have much luck with the clerks finding one hour orders that were entered on line.  Perhaps I am not running the software right.  But the best part is the paper ticket that is issued for your order.  When returning to pick the prints up, just hand over the ticket.

Once back at the house, I zoned out for much of the afternoon.  I hate to admit, but I was looking at new laptops on the internet.  I want one, but haven't decided what I want.  The Hp's haven't changed all that much in the last three years, so would I really have something new?  Sure it would have a faster processor and four times the memory, but would it feel fresh and different?   Perhaps with Windows 7 it would.  I read that the time to buy a new computer is when your old one is still working normally.  That way the transition is orderly.  There is some sense to that thought.

 Loyce announced that she was going over to Wal Mart in the afternoon, so I presented her with the print ticket.  She must have liked the results, as she hasn't turned loose of the envelope since she returned home.

We were up in the mid 40's again today with sunshine most of the afternoon.  It was cheery and bright, and I had a much improved attitude about being here.  Or is it that we have about a week left before we head back to the Southwest.

I was actually thinking about the stuff I need to get packed back up to leave tonight.  Since we brought it all home in the Camry, it isn't much of a load to reverse the packout.

Goody Goody!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. I think that is good logic about phasing in a new computer over the existing one. Our Toshiba has worked flawlessly for 4 years now but having come through sudden crashes on desktops over the years I understand the phasing in logic for sure. Wouldn't be surprised if we have a Windows 7 somewhere in our not too distant future. I'm not brand loyal but this Toshiba sure has been a good machine.............touch wood!!

  2. Hey sometimes you need to veg a little right? I am sure you'll be having a new computer soon... Just see it in your future... Well have a HP now but have also owned a Sony & Toshiba which were both wonderful systems... Have fun checking them out!

    Travel Safe


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