Friday, July 2, 2010

At the Lake for the Fourth

It has been a tradition here that on the first night that we arrive at the Lake of the Ozarks, we do not cook.  But rather we go out to Bandana’s Bar B Q.  We sort of like the place!!!!


I have a new camera, but still I can’t remember that I need to take a picture or two for the blog.  Just ordinary every day stuff that helps tell the tale.  Somebody send me an email every day!

I remember when they began building this place, I couldn’t imagine why someone would be building a ten thousand bushel grain bin on the main highway.  Its raw metal like that on the inside too.  It houses the bathrooms of all things.  But it does give the building a down on the farm look.

Since I had the yard all mowed and the bills all paid, well for now anyway, we decided to come to the lake.  We thought we might have one of the grandkids with us but she came up sick at the last minute.  We are down here now until the holiday is over.

It is uncertain whether we will have any company for the holiday or not, as work schedules are interrupting vacation plans.  So perhaps we will sit and enjoy the lake by ourselves.  Lets hope for company though.

As always, the trip down here is over roads much traveled, and we seem to see nothing at all.  Only stuff that has changed since last week.  And not much changes in rural Missouri.  Some of the tractors get parked in different spots!!!

This week the big deal is that the field corn is tasseling.  We used to say knee high by the Fourth of July, but by now this far South we have tassels popping everywhere.  Get ready for the big hay fever attack!

It seems much cooler now than it has been for the last week, as it was only in the upper 80’s when we arrived.  The house has the AC set at 90, so it won’t run as much, but we opened up and let the lake breeze blow right thru.  Loyce didn’t want to turn on the AC, but remember the pollen we were just discussing, so I kicked it on and closed the windows.

Tonight it is in the upper 70s and really quite nice outside. 

We drove thru the T Shirt town up by the dam, but it was only about half full.  I sure hope that will change before the holiday is over, or our lake merchants will be in a world of hurt for the weekend.

On the cord versus remove the camera card vote, I had hoped for a bigger response, but the old reliable folks did leave a 3 to 3 vote on taking the card out.  Perhaps my old Chinese Nikon point and shoot and my Chinese Hewlet Packard computer both had poor SD sockets, but they both failed.  The newer sockets have locking detents that latch the card in now.  So lets hope the new sockets have a longer life than the older design.

But just the same, I tried the USB cord tonight, to see how much of a hassle that is, and it worked quite easily.  Almost easier than messing with the card.  And then I thought once the sockets begin to fail, I can always go back to transferring the card.  Maybe I’ll do some of each to see if I can maximize the use from everything.

We’ll get the cover off of the pontoon boat tomorrow, and maybe we can get some more pictures.  Somebody send me an email to remind me.

Retired Rod


  1. Hey Rod, don't forget the pictures, oh silly me you said an e-mail. Hope you are having fun with the new camera, I am slowly discovering mine. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. I am having the same problem remembering my camera! I usually think of it when we get somewhere - oh, I should have brought my camera!! Pictures definitely add a nice touch to the entries. :)

    Happy 4th of July! :)

  3. Typical of us RV'ers to leave you with a tie vote at 3-3. Big help we were, huh? Hey, remember to bring your camera with you, o.k.

    Have a great weekend and a happy 4th!!


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