Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rig's back again!

Just back from an after dark motor cycle ride.  Well it was light when I started but the night caught up with me.  Since it is in town riding the street lights have most of the streets lit anyway.

My helmet has a smoke face shield, and I have a clear one under the seat, but I put it on very seldom.  Lazy, I guess. At some point it isn't legal to use a dark wind screen, but I rationalize that I would just change it if stopped.  Probably with a fresh ticket in my hand, LOL.

The motorhome came over about 11 AM this morning, and I decided to keep it here.  I can't do that for more than a single night, but it was again 96 degrees with 85 percent humidity this afternoon.  The analog dial was off the chart so I have quit looking at it.

Since we don't have anything more than 15 amp in the garage, and we are running the fridge with it, the AC has to stay off.  I wouldn't take a chance on wrecking it with such a poor connection.

Loyce is loading all her stuff tonight after dark, but its still 89 or so and 81 dripping percent humidity.  The fridge was nice and cool this morning when we brought it home, so starting it at night is just the ticket.

And yes you folks that can keep your RV right at home like a second house are very spoiled.

And one last thought, I had 9 comments with the security off, and not a one was spam, and not even verbal abuse, LOL, so it will stay off for a while, and thanks for the nice thoughts and concerns about our sweltering heat.

Retired Rod


  1. Glad to hear you took the time to do something you obviously enjoy! Nothing like the wind in your face (ok, maybe not if you were wearing a shield!) when it's sweltering outside.

  2. Same here on the comments with word verification off - I'm watching it carefully though. Won't be long now before you hopefully are enjoying some cool mountain air!

  3. I'm with you on being envious of people who get to park their rigs close by. We keep ours in a storage unit since there's absolutely no room up in the mountains where we live - and we have to make trips to and fro for several days before we leave to load it up. For a long trip, we turn the fridge on the day before, load it up, and have it run on propane til we hit the road. For a short trip, we turn the fridge on when we leave; it stays empty and all the food goes with us in a cooler in the truck until we get set up. Then I have to unload the cooler. It's a royal pain, but that's all we can do. Enjoy your trip!


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