Friday, July 23, 2010

Rev. LeRoy E Bauman 1916 to 2010

Since we are getting searches concerning LeRoy's death I thought I would post this Obit.

Leroy wrote this himself to Ralph Ostenbaugh of the Cedar Memorial Funeral Home just in case he might pass.  This was about ten years ago.

Dear Ralph,

I am no doubt having by-pass, valve surgery this week at the Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, Ia.  The chances for success are very good, but I wanted you to have these wishes and obituary on file.

Leroy was born in Denver, Iowa on October 15, 1916 to Louis H. Bauman, sr. and his wife, Meta Meyer.  He was educated at East Waterloo High School, graduating in 1935.

Leroy was awarded a B.A. Degree at Iowa State Teacher’s College in 1940 and an S.T. B. Degree from Boston University School of Theology, Boston, Mass. In 1943.  He completed the residential work on a Ph. D Degree at Boston University Graduate School during the years following.

Leroy married Loyce M. Miller on Dec. 25, 1941, the 39th Anniversary of his parents.  He is survived by Kathryn Bauman Harmsen and her two sons, Erik and Paul, of Peach Tree City, Ga., Leroy E. Bauman, II of Des Moines, Iowa, Loyce M. Ivers, her husband Rod, of Urbandale, and two sons, Christopher and Ben; Paul Kermit Bauman of Kansas City, Mo. And his two daughters, Amanda and Alison, Christina Mueller of Postville, Ia.  And her two daughters, Natalie and Lindsay Loy, Thayer Louis Bauman of Aurora, Illinois, his wife, Pamela, and children Spencer and Dana, and Betsy Blythe Bauman of Urbandale, Ia. And a sister, Demaris Thompson of Jesup, Iowa.  He was preceded in death by his parents, three sisters and two brothers, and a grandson, Leroy E., III.

Leroy was an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church and served churches in Fall River, Mass., Bridgewater, Mass., Lime Springs-Chester, Ia., Grundy Center, Ia., West Branch-Springdale, Iowa, First United Methodist Church, Mason City, Ia., Kimball Avenue United Methodist in Waterloo, Ia., and Kenwood Park United Methodist in Cedar Rapids, Ia. He was a member of the Iowa United Methodist Conference.

Leroy served on the Board of Missions and the Board of Education of the former North Iowa United Methodist Conference and was the chairman of the Town and Country Commission.

Leroy was also very active in youth activities and directed several high school youth camps.  During his career he also had been a member of the Rotary and Lions” Clubs.  He served as chairman of the Fall River, Mass., Mason City and Waterloo Ministerial Committees.

Leroy was active in community activities wherever he lived and served at times on the Red Cross, Visiting Nurses, Eagle Boy Scouts Boards, and Rotary Club Committees.

Leroy was a devoted husband and father and grandfather, and deeply loved his wife, Loyce, and their seven children.  And ten grandchildren.

Now ten years after this was written, he now has 7 great grand children as well.  With his death yesterday, this obituary written so many years ago is now final.  He has touched so many lives that there is no way to know how much good work he has accomplished.

If you care to leave a comment as to how he was involved in your life or your memories, please do so.

Retired Rod

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I didn't get a chance to tell you yesterday but I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of putting his words out to share with the rest of us. He was truly a blessing.


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