Sunday, July 11, 2010

Talking about the duckie in today's post.!

We never did feed the duck anything other than Loyce playfully tossing him that grape, knowing he couldn't eat it.

Ducks here at the Lake are born in nests in the wooded areas between the houses, and are soon following their mothers swimming in the lake around the boat docks.  At first there are six or seven little guys.

But then you will come back next week, and one or more are gone.   We have large predator fish like Gar and big turtles in the lake, and they take duckies.  The red tailed hawks soar overhead, and we even have turkey buzzards.

The remaining ducks, still rely on handouts from the docks, and true to form, our tame duck went over to one of the neighbors when he left us, and promptly got part of a sandwich.

What I worry about, is that when they migrate South for the winter, that they do not have a fright of humans. He will easily become prey for the hunter, that doesn't think he is nearly so cute!!!

Retired Rod

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